EU Foreign Policy Chief demands Hamas to roam freely in the Middle East

EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton says Gaza’s borders must open to enable the territory’s battered economy to recover.

Baroness Cathrine Aston is the greatest fan of Jihad the Hamas could ever dream of. Here in Ramallah to support moderate Islam.

“There needs to be an opening of the crossings to allow the flow of people and goods in both directions,” Ashton said at a news conference Saturday with Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.


My comment:

Such statements makes Baroness Catherine Ashton one of the greatest supporters of Jihad.

This is a bid to try to make your understand the seriousness of such a statement.

What if Catherine Ashton had said:

“The is a need to open our border control at Heathrow Airport for the flow of people ad goods in both directions”.

If she had said this to the media in United Kingdom, she should have been arrested and put in front of a judge.

Because many British citizens would finally have understood that one of their own politicians, is capable of putting them into extreme danger and bring the nation to ruin.

Security scan in London. Not required at the Israeli-Gaza border, explains the EU head of Foreign Policy.

The best way will of course be to let the Hamas do their own security check of Jihad soldiers. That will surely be very effective.

Even NATO seems to having their own problem with security scan of Afghan soldiers, and are looking for the exit. I am sure NATO will be able to do a better job in looking after the security of Israel.

Send the boys home. There seems to be no more need for them at the Heathrow Airport.

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