Interfaith attack on Christians who claim Zion is the Jewish homeland

Movement named “With God on our side”, or as written in German: “Gott mit uns”, attacks Christian Zionism.

Christians who claim Zion is the Jewish homeland face lies and redicules.

As a Christian Zionist, I have to be ready to defend my belief in Biblical Zionism.  Use of Worldly knowledge will not help. The Christian faith and her support for the Jewish people have to be based on the scripture. Both the Old and the New Testament.

I found an advertisement of this website by visiting an Arab Palestinian online news provider.

The site “With God on our side” do not only copy the slogan of the Nazi-regime i Germany, written on every belt of German soldiers.  It falls into the same ditch.

Where are the scripture’s that tells about other rightful owners of the Promised land?

Show me Bible verses that confirms that this land belongs to others than the Sons of Jacob, the offspring of Jewish King David, the Tribe of Judah and the disciples of Moses, the Jew God chose to use as a tool to educate the Jewish nation?

Lets take a look at some pictures, of other movement that has attacked the Jewish people, claiming to have God on their side.

This was written on the belt of every SS soldier serving at the consentration camps in Germany and occupied Poland.
Adolf Hitler was a baptized and confirmed Roman Catholic.
The belt exposes this young German soldier, claiming that God was on his side. The Nazis claimed to be the true people of God.

Hitler’s theology was a a story of fatigue. This interfaith site is equally fee from a Biblical base of their political theology.

Source: The web site.

19 thoughts on “Interfaith attack on Christians who claim Zion is the Jewish homeland

    1. Dear Ed.

      Shalom, and thanks for a short comment.

      The whole idea behind Replacement Theology, is that God ended his relationship with the original Jews, and chose some other people to be “Jews”. I suppose like Hitler. Even though He did not know much about Judaism, or up held the Law of Moses….

      1. Well Jesus called the law of Moses a curse. He taught to follow him in the spirit because the law leads to death. Israel figuratively is Christs kingdom which hasn’t come yet, till he becomes leader of this world. Now if figurative Israel is the promised land for those who follow Christ. Reality in this world parallels the figurative.

      2. Dear Ed,


        You wrote:

        Jesus called the Law of Moses a curse.

        My reply.

        Absolutely not. Jesus is the Lawgiver, also to Moses. The Bible says the Law is flawless and good.

        Jesus said I am the Law, and the fulfillment of all prophecies. It was Paul who tried to explain the relationship between law and grace to the Jewish people.

        Paul basically told them: If you think observing the Law will save you, you live under a curse. Because the man who brakes one law, brakes them all.

        The Law of Moses was given for the purpose of teaching us about what is sinful. The Law is suppose to lead us to the knowledge of being in need of salvation, by a gracious and merciful Father. And He gave us the remedy. The blood of His only begotten Son Jesus.

        Jesus had already explained this to the Jewish teachers of the Law.

        John 5:39
        You diligently study the Scriptures because you think that by them you possess eternal life. These are the Scriptures that testify about me.

      3. Ok maybe im crazy. But, Adam and Eve had no law or commandments before the fall and were innocent. My impression was, it’s a curse that we need the law. We need it because we are corrupted with sin. So we have to struggle like nicotine addicts trying to quit smoking to keep the commandments.
        It’s curious that bad things happened to Israel when they were doing something wrong. Right? They do something wrong so he brought Satan against them to punish them.
        Maybe the Jewish people need to turn Christian “the pure woman who hides herself in the wilderness” in revelations. Sad thing that the RCC is the premier “Christian” church. What would piss the pope off more than a true Christian church to expose his Apostacy? “The dragon was wroth with the woman”

      4. Dear Ed.


        I do not think you are crazy. The challenge we all face, is to rediscover the Jewish roots of our Faith. Both Jews and gentiles needs to reconnect to the same God the Father, that Jesus the Messiah came to serve. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

        In regards to Adam and Eve, they surely met the lawgiver. DO NOT eat of that tree. They chose the lawless way, and brought sin, shame and judgment on the whole human race.

        We where all meant to live in that perfect garden….It is the first Earthly example of the Kingdom of Heaven.

        Israel (Jacob, tribes, Kingdom and state) are just His tools. Not the purpose of our faith. Jesus has given us ALL the right to a citizenship in the eternal Kingdom of Heaven. We just need to accept this as the truth.

      5. Jesus said nobody goes to the father except through him. The Jews used to deal directly with the Father, by rediscovering roots, so doesn’t that deny Jesus by going straight to the Father. I would say they need to shed tradition. Jesus identified himself as the “I am” of the old testament. So what was he saying? They are the same. No future in the past perhaps. I don’t know. Getting confused. Delete this stuff if its getting to long for your website.

      6. Dear Ed.


        Your wrote:

        Jesus said nobody goes to the father except through him.

        My reply:

        Jesus also said: I am the gate.

        The gate was not created when He came from heaven, and took on flesh walking on Earth. Before He came in flesh. the Jews could approach the gate cleansed from their sins by blood of bulls and lambs. As the letter of the Hebrew explains. Without the shedding of blood, there is no salvation. After The Lamb of God was slaughtered, neither Jews nor gentiles, can pass through that gate without accepting the sacrifice of Jesus, the redemption in His blood.

        All Jews (and gentiles) are loved by Jesus the Messiah. But not all of them are saved.

        He is the gate. We all have to face Him.

  1. There are no scriptures that declare anyone other than Gods own Chosen Jews as being the rightful owners of Israel, ALL of Israel, every inch and item and atom and artcle and particle is eternally proclaimed and declared HIS and His People by two statements of fact and those being Father Gods Covenant to GIVE it to them and GIVING it too them and returning them TOO Israel and too HIM in Christ Jesus Name and the fact that Abraham also BOUGHT and PAID for IN FULL the land in which his Beloved Sarah, himself and the Sons of Israel were buried that followed.

    In truth it was forever and eternally established and no devil in hell or power on earth will ever change that or wrench it from the All Powerful Hand of Almighty and Most High Father God in Christ Jesus Name as Father God has decreed and thus it is so that in the Last Days with Israel established once again as the Nation, so will and does Father God Protect and Defend and Deliver Israel from the evil plans of evil men and nations Hallelujah!Doubtless there are those that disagree and want to argue the issue but it has been stated by Father God and established, therefore, end of argument.

    Those of Truth will accept the Truth, others, we pray for but do not debate the truth because Truth stands above all things and does not require the support of mans hands to validate or uphold. Those of Truth accept Truth Amen

    1. How can it be eternally established for Jewish people when this world will pass away? At the second coming everybody dies. “It’s for all men to die once”. He must have meant his kingdom Israel is eternal, not the earthly kingdom. He said “I can raise up stones to the seed of Abraham” So that sounded like a warning.

      1. Shalom Ed,
        I was wondering if you have ever done a word study in Hebrew, English Lexicon? Have you ever given thought to the difference between earth and world and age (age of Grace or Dispensation of Grace)

        You quote the scriptures that this world will pass away and yet there are scriptures that state this earth will never pass away, that the New Jerusalem is seen coming down and resting just over the surface of the earth.

        The world and worldly are common with each other and we are told to ‘Not to Conform or be conformed to this world or the ways of this world (and worldly)’ We are the ‘salt’ of the EARTH and a ‘Light’ too the world.Notice also you stated Christ Jesus as saying He ‘CAN’ raise up Stones too the seed of Abraham.

        He did not say He ‘might’ or ‘could’ but ‘can, so if you read further you will find that WE are referred too as Lively and Living Stones and so you can see what and who He refers too since we ARE of The Seed Of Abraham and Faith. Abba Yahweh said that He makes us an Holy Nation, A Peculier People and a Royal Priesthood and when He says clearly that HE is The Author and Finisher of our Faith it is easy to see what and who He refers too and in doing.You use the word Eternal and it is important to understand that what ever Abba Yahweh creates never dies or disappears. Proof? The adversary himself and all who follow him will live and burn forever in torment and the smoke of his/their torment will arise forever and be seen by Abba Yahweh.

        Back to the Stones and let us include the rocks and trees that would call out His Praise and Glory if all man were silent. Stones, Rocks,Trees and Salt are all referred to as Covenant Witnesses and there arescriptures referencing them as living and Knowing and Praising HIM. These facts have also been proven by scientists, noting that many plants ‘change’ their chemistry when threatened, react to heat and flame of fire, the trees clap their boughs at the Presense of Father God, The Clouds are the Dust of Gods Feet as He Walks across the sky, the little birds and trees and stones tell Father God the secrets of men and the list goes on.

        The Greatness of Father God in Christ Jesus Name is unfathomable, and HE tells us to not ‘lean’ into our own understanding.


        Because our imaginations have limits and HE does not.We are finite and HE is Infinite.

        When Infinite and Finite are joined, finite is different but it must be authored and finished, strengthened and guided because it could not otherwise withstand or know or grow in any form of wisdom or abilities of its own. Father God is Wonderful and He loves us.

        He tells us to come too HIM as we are and HE will give us rest, (understanding, wisdom, knowledge, maturity as He will to His glory and our Good) In short, Trust Him. He never fails, never sleeps nor slumbers, and Oh how He loves us and how we love Him and learn and grow in our love of Him as He Teaches, Guides, Directs and Counsels through His Holy Spirit.You are hungry for HIM and HE has yuor plate prepared and ready 🙂

      2. Not going to argue with that. Meant this as we know it will pass away. Then it’s called heaven, or at least is refered to as heaven.

        What is hebrew english lexicon?

  2. One other word, There is nor can ever be an interfaith. There is but one Faith and we spell that as J E S U S C H R I S T and the measure of Faith given each Believer is in HIM and none other.

    Father God will not share His Glory. He will NOT share His Throne in our Temple with any other for HE has declared us Holy for the sake of His indwelling. He did not commission us to ‘make ourselves Holy’ but Declared us Holy.

    These ‘interfaithers’ wish to ‘share’ the Holy Temples and Minds of Believers and this has always been their goal. It is a goal from hell itself! There is but ONE Father God, ONE Christ Jesus and ONE Holy Spirit, ONE Faith, ONE WAY of Salvation, ONE Name Above all names, ONE LORD of Lords and KING of Kings, ONE Saviour,ONE Lamb of God, ONE Redeemer and we belong too Father God exclusively in Christ Jesus Name and none other.

    Be not decieved,the words ‘politically correct’ is the first part of ‘interfaith’ deception and destruction of those that perish from Lack Of Knowledge of Father God, His Ways, Precepts, Judgements in Christ Jesus Name Amen and Amen.

  3. Purify your heart and clean it from all earthly
    matters. The time of fun and waste has gone. The time
    of judgment has arrived. Hence we need to utilize
    those few hours to ask God for forgiveness. You have
    to be convinced that those few hours that are left you
    in your life are very few. From there you will begin
    to live the happy life, the infinite paradise. Be
    optimistic. The prophet was always optimistic.

    — Mohamed Atta (attributed), in a five-page
    hand-written document found in luggage belonging to
    Atta which had been placed on the wrong plane, in a
    section of the document titled “The Last Night,”
    quoted from Bob Woodward, “Hijacker Leaves Behind
    Sheaf Of Prayers And Instructions,” Washington Post
    (September 28, 2001)

  4. The fact the so many in the world today hate and want to see Israel and the Jewish people destroyed is proof the God is NOT finished with Israel and the Jewish people! People will continue to hate and attempt to destroy Israel and the Jewish people until Jesus The Christ retruns to set up His earthly kingdom to rule and reign over Israel and the entire world at the end of the Great Tribulation period. And that is not very far away; so look up for His Coming Draweth Neigh, and with it, Your Redemption!

  5. I love the word Redemption and the word Redeemed.’Let The Redeemed Of The Lord Say So’ and then ‘Look up for our ‘Redemption’ Draws nigh, even at The Door’ Ever think about what happened, is happening and will happen between Redeemed and Redemption? These two words are Powerful words with vast information between them. Words of action, not passive at all.These are ‘Living’ Words’ and Wonderful.

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