US double talk on Hamas, cheating on Israel and the World

Despite banning Hamas as a terror organization, Thomas R. Pickering met with Hamas officials in Switzerland in June. Pickering is a former undersecretary of state and US ambassador to the UN.

Madleine Albright with her second in command in the State Department in the US, Thomas Pickering
Madeleine Albright with her second in command in the State Department in the US, Thomas Pickering

Hamas officials Bassem Naim and Mahmoud al-Zahar met in Switzerland in June with Thomas R. Pickering. US officials said Pickering had not been asked to approach Hamas and had no official standing.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday in Washington that before Hamas can participate in peace talks: «We have made it clear, both publicly and privately, through all kinds of pronouncements, that we would expect Hamas to recognize Israel and renounce violence and agree to abide by prior agreements»

Source: The Washington Post

My comment.

Who would believe in such lies?

Off course, Thomas R. Pickering was just on his holiday in Switzerland. Its such a cool country to visit.

There are many options, of what happened to Pickering during his visit to this European hot spot for diplomats and spies.

One option:

Since he did not switch his mobile phone of during breakfast at a five star hotel, some old friends in Hamas suddenly gave him a call. And just like a miracle, he came to know they also were in Switzerland . And even more funny. By coincidence, they had checked into the same hotel as the former US ambassador to United Nations.

Second option:

Last time Pickering was in the Middle East, he forgot his Visa card. When he entered his room in the hotel in Switzerland, he got a phone call from the reception. «There is another man who tries to check into this hotel by using a Visa card in your name». Pickering was so positively surprised, that his lost credit card had been found, that he invited this gentleman for lunch. Only later he came to know, that the man who had found his VISA-card in Ramallah, was a spokesperson for Hamas.

Third option:

Its funny about all this sudden miracle that takes place. The Obama administration basically wanted to send someone to talk with anyone who is a member of Hamas. But since the US has branded Hamas as a terror organization, this meeting had to take place completely without the US government knowing about it. During an unfortunate visit to a dentist in Basel, even Pickering was surprised to see a man sitting next to him in the waiting room polishing an AK 47. Since he also was praising Osama Bin Laden in fluent Arabic, Pickering came to the conclusion that this man had to be a member of Hamas.

Now you chose which version you would like to believe in. All the best. Send your suggestions by US mail to Madeleine Albright, who was the Secretary of state in the US and Pickerings boss, and of cource did not know anything about this.

First published: 17.07.2009.

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