Court in Holland force Messianic congregation to remove roof signs

The Dutch Council of State is unequivocal: This kind of “Jesus saves” signs has to be removed.

To big and to colorful. A Durch court has ordered this sign to be removed.

“Jesus saves” reads the message marked out in tiles on the roof of a farmhouse in the countryside east of Rotterdam.

Two years ago the local Giessenlanden council ruled that the message in massive white letters broke its rules on the appearance of buildings.

The council ordered the farm’s evangelical owner, Joop van Ooijen, to remove the letters under penalty of a fine. Determined to stand up for his right to freedom of speech, Mr Van Ooijen appealed to the Council of State, which acts as an appeal court in disputes between citizens and government.

The appeal judge has now sided with the local authority’s committee that makes the rules on building aesthetics. The massive big white letters are against the rules because they spoil the view. And the council is quite within its rights to enforce its rules on “extravagance in the appearance” of buildings.

Dutch Messianic believer Van Ooijen likes to express with big letters who saves.

The local council has always asserted that Mr Van Ooijen’s message had nothing to do with their decision.

In fact, the local coalition includes executives from the Christian Democrats and the orthodox protestant SGP party.

“Mr Van Ooijen knows very well that the content has nothing to do with it,” the mayor Els Boot told Dutch daily de Volkskrant.

“There are two Christian parties in our executive. A lot of people here embrace the content of the text.”

Mr Van Ooijen has no intention of taking the latest decision lying down. He’s now determined to take his case to the European Court of Human Rights.

Source: Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

My comment:

A Messianic congregation that gathers on the Biblical Sabbath.

Take a look at this video link.

What makes this story special, is that the Radical Christians in Van Ooijen congregation embraces Messianic Judaism.

People pray with Jewish prayer shall over their head, and men are even seen to be using kipa.

And the fellowship meets on the Biblical Sabbath, that is Friday evening or Saturday morning.

6 thoughts on “Court in Holland force Messianic congregation to remove roof signs

    1. Dear Ed.


      Advertisement on buildings. If they had written: Drink Coca Cola, I am not sure that many would have objected. Or lets say: “Let Nederland win the World Cup”.

      I do not think there are many cities with rules on writing on roof tops. But there are surely constitutional rights of freedom of expression

      1. Well there’s no commandment that says “thou shalt not use coca colas’ name in vain” My bible says when you pray go in your closet and pray. Not to flaunt religion like the scribes and pharisees. So they’re sort of flaunting religion with the sign. Alot of things against the commandments are offensive to people quite naturally.

      2. Dear Ed.


        I do not blame anyone for not writing on their roof top, the message: “Jesus saves”….

  1. Questions to ponder. Is it possible that ignorance of the Messiah’s true Hebrew name add to confusions in His deity? Is it remotely possible that to some extent accurate knowledge of the Messiah’s true Hebrew roots could lessen hatred of the Jews?

    Is it very important to know and to use Jesus true Hebrew name Yahsua? Yes, it is because the name Yahsua has a definite and important meaning. It implies ‘God YAH saves’. However, the meaning of the LORD’s translated name, Jesus, does not readily point to specifics and true prominence of His name and deity. With certainty the Messiah’s deity is immediately recognized in the name Yahsua because it illuminates deity and radiates sovereign Savior.
    The name Jesus symbolizes Savior. The name Jesus however, does not readily point to or reveal His deity. Then again, the name Yashua brings this to light. Not easily discovering deity in the name Jesus resulted in the need of explaining His deity. This brought about debates, delusions, confusions, diverse beliefs and doctrines. All this led to today’s motto, ‘all beliefs are to be respected and they are all equal’. Is this belief and motto the beginning of apostasy? Could this be the reason that God had to . . . .
    Declare what is to be, present it– let them take counsel together. Who foretold this
    long ago, who declared it from the distant past? Was it not I, the LORD? And there is
    no God apart from me, a righteous God and a Savior; there is none but me. “Turn to
    me and be saved, all you ends of the earth; for I am God, and there is no other. By
    myself I have sworn, my mouth has uttered in all integrity a word that will not be
    revoked: Before me every knee will bow; by me every tongue will swear. They will say
    of me, `In the LORD alone are righteousness and strength.’ ” Isaiah 45:21-23, Philippians2:10

    I have experienced that many so called Christians as well as some born again believers don’t know Jesus’ true name. And even if they know His true name, they neglect to use it. They sometimes get upset when His true name is shared with them. The name Yashua is very seldom mentioned from the pulpit. The world knows that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Israel. Yet, they don’t know His true name and that He is a Jew. They continually use the name Jesus and Muslims used Isha. By not using Yahsua, His Jewishness as well as His deity are continually, unnoticed, neglected, hidden and politicized. The name Jesus muddled the truth about the ONE sovereign God and Savior’s omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience. If the Christians and the rest of the world realize that God the Creator, the sovereign Savior YAH, has Hebrew roots and has a Jewish name then hatred for Jews will lessen.

    The hate towards Jews will diminish because Yahsua is honored as deity. He therefore grants peace because He is the Prince of Peace, Shar Shalom. Shar Shalom conveys tranquility and wholeness and completion. Shalom includes such benefits as health, satisfaction, success, safety, and prosperity. You have the answer to that what the world is searching for. Therefore, encourage especially the Christians to use and share our LORD’s true name Yashua with the whole world.

    Thank you

  2. Dear brethren.
    Kingdom Greetings to you in the Most Blessed Name of the Lord our Savior.
    I am By the Grace of God Pastor Daniel from Kenya.God called me to serve Him in Faith Truth and my family .God Has been so Good to me and he has placed a church in my hands to reach many souls for His soon coming Kingdom.
    I have been praying for you since i found your mail on your website and I am very much touched with what you are doing in uplifting the Kingdom of God to reach all Nations as the Bible teaches.Thank you God Bless you for that heart.
    I take this opportunity to welcome you to Kenya to extend your work to Kenya and be a blessing to many souls that are thirsty for the Word of God and also teach us more of your work and doctrine .
    God bless with the rich blessings as i love to hear from you again in the love of God.
    Be Blessed ,
    Yours Pastor Dan .

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