Catholics in Northern Ireland launches new Intifada

Look towards Belfast today. This is how George Mitchell’s “peace plan” for Israel will end for the Jewish people. Renewed violence.

Catholic peace makers in Belfast looks mistakenly similar to Arab Islamic peace makers.

Tony Blair and George Mitchell have received many medals for bringing a “lasting peace” to Northern Ireland.  But three days ago Catholic youth started a new Intifada in cities like Belfast.

The violent uprising is a protest against Protestant Christians planning a peace march through mainly Catholic neighborhoods.

Catholic or Islamic. What is the difference?

The British Newspaper The Guardian reports, that a Belfast councilor confirms that Catholic Children as young as 10 were involved in a third night of sectarian violence.

North Belfast SDLP councillor Nicola Mallon said she had spent most of Tuesday night in Ardoyne, where she said she had seen a night of “absolute madness and mayhem”.

Residents were growing increasingly worried about the situation, she added.

Up to six shots were fired at police lines in Ardoyne during the disturbances. Nationalist rioters also threw petrol bombs and fired a pipe bomb, and about 100 officers used water cannon and baton rounds.

Thursday morning the BBC reported that 82 Police officers have been wounded in the riots, that now has entered its 4th day.

Source: Multiple media.

Lets take a look at more pictures of the Catholic Intifada in Northern Ireland, that for the last three days has erupted out of the “perfect Mitchell peace plan”.

The Catholic Hamas, the IRA seems to be back in Belfast.
Have we not seen this kind of youth before? Like in Jennin and Hebron.

Blair receives medal for conflict resolution

30th of June 2010: David Eisner, President and CEO of the National Constitution Center, announced today that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair will receive the 2010 Liberty Medal in recognition of his steadfast commitment to conflict resolution.

Tony Blair

“It was a privilege to work with my friend Tony Blair to help end 30 years of sectarian violence and broker a lasting peace in Northern Ireland, to stop the killing in and mass exodus from Kosovo, and to develop policies that would improve living conditions for people in both our countries,” said President Bill Clinton.

Source: PRNewswire.

George Mitchell handpicked from Northern Ireland to bring “peace” to Israel

George Mitchell

22nd of February 2010: “We had 700 days of failure in Northern Ireland [where Mitchell served as a central negotiator] and one day of success. I cannot guarantee you a result, but I can guarantee you an effort,” he said, adding that “we have a firm and unshakable commitment to the security of the State of Israel, and a commitment to seek a lasting peace based on a two-state solution.”

Source: Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz.

My comment:

We who claim that Muslims and Catholics worship the same god, are trying our best to expose their falsehood.

The images taken of Catholic youth in Northern Ireland and Arab Muslim youth during the two intifadas in Israel, can speak for them selves.

Arab Muslims in Nablus in 1988. They are a part of a true "peace movement", according to men like Tony Blair.

People of Israel.

There is no truth in the message from men like Tony Blair.

They reject that there is a God of Israel, that have enemies that will try to create another genocide of Jews.

Men like Blair and George Mitchell are blind. They do not have a clue of what kind of spiritual forces they are dealing with.

Israel must not put their trust in “peace plans” coming their way from Blair and Mitchell. The unique Jewish nation must repent, and put their trust in their God, and His Messiah. Only His return will bring true peace. Y’shua is the Prince of Peace, the King of the Jews.

14 thoughts on “Catholics in Northern Ireland launches new Intifada

  1. I can only agree, in sadness.

    What used to be common place before Israel became a nation is now becoming commonplace for the world at large and while Israel has the world drooling at the mouth for that which they will NEVER possess, those that have persecuted our Brothers and Sisters over all these years are now reaping what they have sown.

    We are witnessing it with our own eyes, the demise of America (For Scriptures state that all the world will come against Israel) And Father God Himself will gather us from the four corners of the world too Israel. Until then we are Divinely Protected and Delivered for Christ Jesus said that when these things come to pass, LOOK UP, for our Redemption draws nigh, even at the door.

    Apparent Brothers and Sisters and Parents are turning against one another, we witness it with our own eyes,
    People warring against one another that would have otherwise been at peace, we witness it with our own eyes. Christ Jesus did not tell us to ‘Be As The World or The Worldly’ We are His Flock, we do as He says and we Follow.The sheep are being seperated from the Goats. The Goats rebell and scatter and follow every wind and doctrine, every argument and act of force against anything and everything and anyone and everyone.

    The same Father God that protects and Delivers Israel also Protects and Delivers us.

    Far too many want this nation to turn back to the old ways to which they were comfortable and felt at ease but the ease they felt was far removed from the sin and lusts the embraced by silent condonement.

    Far too many did not heed the warnings and now they scatter and turn against those they called Brothers and Sister a few short weeks ago in open option for physical violence and force. They Pray as an after thought to make themselves feel better but when will they realize that those that seek Father Gods Guidance in all things will follow His directions and when He answers He will answer those that seek Him directly.

    He is not a formula, an entity to ‘visit’ a couple times a week for a couple hours, He is 24-7. There is no ‘if’ in I AM and He is not a 99% Father or God. We will Bless and Exult His Holy Name Forever Above Everything Amen and Amne

  2. Yeah, both the planters of Ulster and Munster came on the back of the Queen, a lot like how you Zionists were shoe-horned into Palestine by the Queen. You are both doomed, a Prod NI and a Jewish State Israel due to the birthrate of the opposition. Maybe meet half-way and get funny with eachother.

    1. Dear Matt.

      Shalom, and thanks for this comment.

      There were no Queen ruling in England, when the British Parliament decided to give the occupied promised land back to the Jews in 1920. She was not even ruling in 1948, when the state of Israel was born. The present Queen came to power in 1952.

      And the British General who liberated Jerusalem from Ottoman occupation in 1917, was an Evangelical Christian. You should read more about him.

  3. Remember Jews, the funde-mental gentile Zionist expects you to turn gentile in the Last Days. That is profane as far as you’re concerned. But anything for more American aid?

  4. Dear Ivar,

    Very good article here and comparison. So sad, being of Irish descent.

    My one question is how peaceful is the intention of the protestant march? Perhaps it’s not as “peaceful” as the title says.I’m not defending the violence by any means but it does take two to tango.

    1. Dear Sue.

      Shalom, and thanks for this comment.

      I do not defend the Orange men of Northern Ireland. They are of course not Roman Catholic knights and order brothers, but Queen of England knights. Evangelical Christians will claim they belong to two competing Papal systems.

      But that do not justify the IRA, and sectarian violence.

      Now, since the Anglican Church and Rome has entered into a kind of peace, the Political situation has changed. But the Irish version of Hamas has not changed. When the original IRA laid down their arms, a new group called The Real IRA was formed.

      This is very similar to the Jihad movement, that also has been fragmented.

  5. Ever see the movie gangs of NY? Irish protestants and Irish Catholics have been fighting for 100’s of years. The bars were probably closed and they had nothing else to do.

    1. Dear Ed.

      Shalom, and thanks for making this site enjoyable.

      The conflict between Catholics and Protestant’s in England and Ireland, has its roots back in the Reformation. The Catholic loss of the English Kingdom was a severe blow to the Papal authority over Europe. Rome was ready to do whatever it takes, to get her back. The IRA was formed to push protestant England out of Catholic Ireland.

      1. That’s the straightforward explanation. But take a close look at Martin Luther. Ex Catholic priest and a freemason (occultist). Lets not underestimate the Father of lies. Now, I can’t figure out exactly why the Catholic church would want to create the protestant division, but they do love the two party system. Order out of chaos, create conflict to reach their agenda in the peace deals.

      2. Dear Ed.


        There is an simple spiritual explanation for the Satanic two party system. When claimed to be Catholic or Protestant “Christians” fight each other, the rest of the World will hold a finger over their nose and say: Keep away from Christianity.

        That is a cheap trick by the devil. Because all who can read the Bible will be able to find the truth about who is right, and who is wrong.

        In the end, the Harlots will return to the Mother Church of Rome. Its called the great ecumenical peace.

  6. You’re forgetting that if they had never arrived, never created a Pale, never desecrated the churches, never hung Franciscans with their own belts, never built the walls of Derry>there would be peace. Its not a war of religion but invasion. Balfour was bellywomping Ireland before he was nation building in SWest Asia….’Israel’ r something.>’Paris 1919′ G. McMllian

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