A fifth column of Israeli Arabs threatens the Jewish statehood

Israeli Arab MK Hanin Zoabi joined a bid to dissolve the very statehood that has blessed her.

MK Hanin Zoabido joined a Turkish ship who tried to break the navel control set up by the state she is elected to defend.

David Ben Gurion invited the residing Arabs to stay, and help the Jews rebuild Zion. Tuesday the Knesset revoked privileges from MK Hanin Zoabi, due to her participation in the Gaza aid flotilla in May.

Read more on Ynetnews.

The question left to us is: How wise is it for the state of Israel to revoke privileges given to their own politicians?

All non Israelis, have to be careful not to disrupt the democratic proses within a democratic state.

But let me remind my readers, that the US Congress did not use its powers in a bid to strip President Bill Clinton of his American citizenship.

Lies and cheating could have made a US President pack his bag.

But they surely had the power to remove the elected Commander in Chief, by impeachment. A qualified majority should have such powers, as given in the very Constitution of that nation.

And the Constitution of a state has to be above the privileges of their elected politicians. The duty of an elected lawmaker is to uphold the Constitution, and the constitutional rights of the people.

Democracy has its limits. There can be no justification for any attack on the Constitution it self. That is why elected leaders are called to give an oath to defend the Constitution.

The reason for impeaching a elected leader can simply be lies and cheating, like in the example of Bill Clinton.

If you serve a foreign power there should never be given any benefit of doubts.  The Commander in Chief should surely be removed ASP.

President Obama has bowed down to the King of Saudi Arabia. But the US Senate and the American people are sleeping. The Knesset in Jerusalem is awake and on the alert.

They have to be. The state of Israel will be attacked from all sides. Surely also from within. Both from apostate liberal Jews, and Jihad promoters among the Israeli Arabs.

One thought on “A fifth column of Israeli Arabs threatens the Jewish statehood

  1. When the enemies feet hit G-d’s land that HE gave to the JEWS as a unconditional Covenant..HE says HE will destroy the enemies. there is not way Israel will loose if we believe G-d. all the nations will be destroyed . in the meantime notice the weather and how it destroys . every time the naions go against Israel it happens. We have not seen the worst. The only way for America is to REPENT..G-d sends jihad to sons of disobedience. G-d has Israel’s back…reading what G-d has plans for His enemies is in Jer 30 and Jer 31 for starters. The word of G-d will be fulfilled no matter what man says. and I see the more evil the pope becomes not only agaisnt Israel but the world…the false prophet and antichirst is showing their teeth, true evil selves. talking about moral this and that and to take child raptest words on moral. pllllllllease………..even with obama the muslim brotherhood and his minions in our WH lie everytime the open their mouths..if they would have impeached him all the unconstitutional laws would be taken off the books. Luke tells us a civil war like none other will come and never will again. trying to devide the people and cause war here…it is on purpose…I have wondered where is America… IF the black knew their histroy, every muslim nation uses the black for slaves even today. in the meantime they use them for votes. It doesn’t matter if one is red, yellow, black or white, they are precious in G-d’s site. think how mad G-d when the people complained about Moses marrying a black..there is thugs in all races but they pick on JEWS most America is friends with black, there are many black families who are not racist and are treated like any other. In LUKE G-d asks, have you got all you need, they said yes. again G-d said have you got all you need and they said yes. then G-d asked again do you have all you need and they said yes..and G-d said get the sword and the forth time get the sword..we are in the very last days. one President said never let gov take your guns. we have a right to protect our families..crime goes down when we law abiding have weaons and evi gov hates it..oh well, we are quickly seeing the last days come to the end of the age………………HE is coming and whether anyone likes i tor not, all Israel will be saved as it is written many times as G-d said in Judges I will never break my Covenant with Israel and Romans ll does to say all Israel will be saved and many more places. Shalom

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