Medvedev: “Iran close to nuclear capability”

“Iran is moving closer to possessing the potential which in principle could be used for the creation of nuclear weapons.”

The slip of the tongue: Dmitry Medvedev known what he talks about. He has close ties with Iran, and have supplied Ahmadinejad with weapons.

This is a statement given by the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. It was given on Monday, during a meeting of international ambassadors in Moscow.

In a sign of Moscow’s recent change-of-heart on Tehran’s nuclear ambitions. The statement was a rare public admission by the Kremlin that Iran may have the intention of building a nuclear bomb.

Only Jesus knows what these people are doing, when they met in their secret chambers.

Reuters said the statement came after an argument with Iran over Russia’s support of sanctions against Tehran at the UN Security Council.

The US and the EU have long suspected Iran is attempting to build nuclear weapons, but Russia was skeptical of those claims until recently, when Russian leaders said they would have to seriously consider a CIA report which put Tehran less than two years away from producing an atomic bomb.


My comment:

Its incredible, that we have to look towards Moscow to find the truth about the Iranian Nuclear weapons programs. Because Washington is ruled by an administration who live in denial.

To block Iranian Aircraft from refueling in the Middle East, is not going to stop Iran from creating their first atomic bomb.

President Obama seems to be of the opinion that the Jewish settlements in the Biblical heartland of Israel, is a greater threat of World peace than the Iranian Ayatollah.

I guess thats why Obama is delaying crippling sanctions on Iran, till he has pressured the Israeli Government to surrender their vision and ideology of Biblical Zionism?

It will surely be Benjamin Netanyahu and the “right wing” Government of Israel, who will be blamed in America, the day the Ayatollah detonates a nuclear explosion deep inside a mountain in Iran.

Obama is cheating on Israel, and the whole World is sleeping. We all need to: “listen to Russia”.

2 thoughts on “Medvedev: “Iran close to nuclear capability”

  1. They’re all masonic brothers. Looks like they’re going to play the two party system on Israel. I doubt it has anything to do with destroying Israel. More like pressuring them to join interfaith dialogues in the name of peace. “The world is a stage” -someone

  2. Thank you much sir, your coverage is much helpful to us. Keep us in light of the progress, many news sources are limited, but you cover good, thank you.


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