Paving the way for sainthood for Hitlers Pope

“Pave the Way Foundation” has got access to some of the secret World War II files in the Vatican.

Pope Pius carried around like an Egyptian King, was willing to help Jews that had converted to the Catholic faith, claims inter faith foundation

Pave the Way Foundation is a promoter of  the new faith of “all religions points to the same God” The Pope has guided them to some documents that favor’s the Vatican’s bid to make Pope Pius XII a “saint”. Now they claim that this Pope requested his bishops to help 200.000 “not white German Catholics” and converted Jews who had become Catholics, to get out of Nazi-Germany.

German historian Dr. Michael Hesemann told Jerusalem Post that Pius XII, then known as Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, “wrote to archbishops around the world, asking them to obtain exit visas for “non-Aryan Catholics” and Jewish converts to Christianity”.

First, and most important:

If the pope excluded non-Catholic Jews from his request for exit-VISA assistance, he was bluntly a sectarian racist.


Can we trust this Interfaith foundation, that have been allowed to read some selected documents in the secret files in the Vatican?

Lets take a look at their slogan, or what we can say is their statement of faith:

“The meaning of our slogan is simple. We must embody the messages of charity, love, and responsibility for every human being, common to all of our faiths, our beliefs and to the code of human behavior”

The problem with such a message, is that it might defend the Vatican, but delete the gospel.

Pope Pius XII

There is no message of Jesus being the only way to our Father in Heaven.  Catholics who believe this message have surrendered to the father of all lies. The Bible explains this to be Satan. He has many children.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

Source: Pave the Way Foundation:

13 thoughts on “Paving the way for sainthood for Hitlers Pope

  1. For the layman, sometimes it’s hard to know what things actually mean. After all, one cannot be an expert on everything, so we must rely on others whom we trust. The problem of course is that even when we read information from trusted sources we may be misled. For instance, a recent article on Zenit discusses some documents recently found by Michael Hesemann from Pave the Way Foundation. I think there is a problem of interpretation in the way these documents are evaluated. In the past Mr. Hesemann also presented findings of documents in a misleading way, as he implied the Catholic Church had always been opposed to the Nazi Party. Even though it’s true the Church banned membership into the party prior to 1933, after Hitler came to power and the Vatican signed an agreement with Nazi Germany that same year the Church lifted the ban. This detail, and the fact that millions of Catholics subsequently became members of the Nazi Party and wholeheartedly supported it and its policies seems to have been conveniently overlooked in Mr. Hesemann’s reporting. See “Paving the way to disinformation” (

    The new documents recently found were letters sent by the Vatican Secretary of State and later Pope Pius XII Cardinal Pacelli in 1938 to several nunciatures and apostolic delegations. In these letters, Cardinal Pacelli requested visas for “ebrei convertiti” (converted Jews), and “non-Aryan Catholics”. This of course sounds good, but not as good as Mr. Hesemann would like us to think. The reason for this is that, first, the official Nazi policy at that time was to force Jews to emigrate, so it was not so extraordinary that the Vatican Secretary of State asked for immigration visas. Second, Mr. Hesemann tells us that “converted Jews” and “non-Aryan Catholics,” are most likely euphemisms that really mean “Jews”. To support this claim, he cites another part of the letter in which Cardinal Pacelli tells the bishops that “Care should be taken that sanctuaries are provided to safeguard their spiritual welfare and to protect their religious cult, customs and traditions.” Since in Mr. Hesemann’s view a converted Jew becomes a Catholic and therefore no longer has any “customs, or traditions of their own”, this must have meant the request for visas really referred to “Jews”. For a historian who should know about the history of Catholic persecution of Jews during the Middle Ages, particularly the expulsions from several European countries, especially Spain, this is an odd thing to say. As was the case in the 15th century, Jews converted to avoid the unpleasant options of mandatory expulsion or being burned at the stake. Many of these “conversos” (converted Jews) became baptized Catholics to the outside world, while secretly retaining their “religious cult, customs and traditions” of their own. Even though many Jews became true Catholics in the Middle Ages as well as during the Nazi Era, many if not most did it because they were forced to and remained crypto-Jews. In other words, many of those converted Jews, or “non-Aryan Catholics” as they were euphemistically referred as, remained Jewish.

    Reportedly one of the letters Pacelli sent reads, “Do not engage in saving only Jewish people but also synagogues, cultural centers and everything that pertains to their faith: the Torah scrolls, libraries, cultural centers, etc.” Supposedly this shows that the cardinal was not only trying to save Jews but also their cultural heritage as well. Maybe so, although one must ask the question of why the Vatican felt the need to use cryptic messages and euphemisms if in the end they were going to try to save even buildings. How could they hide that from the Nazis?

    For some reason, Pave the Way Foundation and its supporters claim that historians who oppose the Pope-Pius-as-saint point of view do not recognize the threat to the Vatican and the pope. Oh, really? I do not know why they think this, or why they think it’s relevant. They claim that “In many cases the historians are ignorant of the unique Vatican language sometimes using ancient Latin to express the hidden meaning of these requests.” Maybe the Vatican felt that Germany, the most cultured nation in Europe at the time, could not find someone versed in ancient Latin. The Vatican is a state, and had a network of prelates and diplomats in every theatre of war still intact at the end of WWII. It had a double-encryption process for diplomatic communication. Sure, they feared for the safety of the Vatican, the Roman curia and the pope, but they must have known Hitler would not be so stupid as to kill the pope. They had no need for obtuse language and cryptic, ambiguous messages, and in any case there was no place for ambiguity when confronted with the greatest crime in the history of Man.

    No, unfortunately the reality was different. The Foundation is wrong when it claims that to the Church “the terms non-Aryan Catholics, non-Aryans, and Catholic Jews all indeed meant Jews.” To the Nazis, who defined Jewishness as a trait inherited through blood, this was true. To the Church, who in the past had gone as far as kidnapping Jewish children who had been surreptitiously baptized and therefore had become irrevocably Catholics, those baptized Jews were no longer Jews but rather Catholics.

    Even if the true intent of Cardinal Pacelli had been to save Jews, and not just those who had converted to Catholicism, the reality is that most of the beneficiaries of the Catholic Church’s charity were the ebrei convertiti, that is, Catholics. Even when the Vatican made inquiries and complained about deportations of Jews, most of the times it wasn’t about Jews per se, but rather about “non-Aryan Catholics”. This referred to baptized converted Jews or, again, from a Catholic perspective, Catholics. In 1942 the Nazis decided to forcibly annul marriages between Aryans and non-Aryans. Since according to Catholic doctrine marriage is indissoluble, Cardinal Bertram wrote a letter in the name of the German episcopate to the Ministry of the Interior requesting that the ministry withdraw the planned divorce ordinance. Pope Pius XI had made a similar request of Mussolini. The Holy See made several other attempts to save Jews in mixed marriages, not because they were Jews, but because as opposed to the Nazis it considered those “non-Aryan Catholics” Catholics.

    After the deportation of the Jews of Rome, Vatican officials made inquiries about the whereabouts of the Jews, but most of these inquiries were about specific “baptized non-Aryan” individuals, however. The archbishop of Ferrara had asked the Holy See to intervene on behalf of “non-Aryans”, especially those in mixed families. The official reporting this in internal correspondence within the Vatican Secretariat of State went on to mention some potential actions the Holy See could take, knowing that they would be totally ineffective and they would fail. That request for help, however, was aimed at Jews in mixed marriages, and not Jews in general. With undisguised cynicism he showed no intention of intervening on behalf of the Jews, but rather was simply trying to preserve appearances by taking some token action he could report to the archbishop of Ferrara as well as future critics. He concluded: “if nothing else, it will always be possible to say that the Holy See has done everything possible to help these unhappy people.” This pattern was repeated many times, and as revealed by an internal Vatican memo, was intended to make it appear that the Vatican was working toward the goal of saving Jews. In reality, as the Jesuit Father Tacchi Venturi described these token actions, “A step like this by the Holy See, even if it does not obtain the desired effect, will without doubt help increase the veneration and gratitude toward the August Person of the Holy Father.” Which—not coincidentally—is exactly what we are seeing today with the work of papal apologists like Pave the Way Foundation.

    Gabriel Wilensky

    Six Million Crucifixions:
    How Christian Teachings About Jews Paved the Road to the Holocaust
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    1. Dear Gabriel.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      Normally, I do not permit such long comments to my articles. But I will make an exception. Please write short comments, with links to your own web-sites and blogs. Many people find it difficult to read so long comments.

  2. Unfortunately, once again, Mr. Wilensky demonstrates his ignorance about the time in question and repeats the disinformation already known from his book.
    It is a historical fact, even admitted by Wilensky, that the Catholic Church in Germany, officially supported by the Vatican (via the Vatican organ “L’Osservatore Romano”), announced the excommunication of Nazi-Party-members during Hitler’s rise to power between 1930 and 1933. It is also true that the German Catholic Bishops decided to lift the ban on 29 March 1933, two month after Hitler officially became Reichskanzler because of an unfortunate coalition, but still in a legal way according to the constitution of the Weimarer Republic. In this case, any opposition to an elected Reichskanzler would have meant an open opposition to the state and constitution of the Weimar Republic itself and was, to say at least, a risky undertaking, especially since the Nazis already had started to arrest alleged “enemies of the state” and put them into concentration camps. Since Germany was not a Catholic Country, but half protestant, the Bishops considered an open opposition to the state and constitutionally formed government at that time as inopportune – and were heavily criticized by the Vatican, especially by Cardinal Secretary of State Eugenio Pacelli for this “unnecessary compromise”.
    But of course this “step back” does not negate my point, the open opposition of the Catholic church against the Nazis, who were considered “the most dangerous heresy of our times” by Pacelli himself.
    The reason for this “step back”, the German bishops explained, was that already millions of Catholics ignored the ban and entered the Nazi party right after Hitler came in power, hoping for a beneficial influence on their careers. Therefore, the Bishops had to realize that their attempt had failed to a great part. Indeed, still on 16 February 1933, the German bishops published their admonition “A serious call in serious times” in many German papers. But it did not help. On March 22, 1933, the Apostolic Nuntius in Berlin, Cesare Orsenigo, reported to the Vatican: “Unfortunately it cannot be denied that the Catholics, with a few exemptions, turned to the new regime with enthusiasm”. This was written EXACTLY ONE WEEK BEFORE THE BISHOPS LIFTED THE BAN!
    Therefore, Wilensky obviously exchanges cause and effect. Not the lift of the ban caused millions of Catholics to support the Nazis; the ban was lifted BECAUSE already millions of Catholics had turned over to the Nazis and the Bishops had to fear that they would forever break with the Church. Therefore, when Hitler promised them to protect the Church, would they lift the ban (in his speech of 23 March 1933), they were under enough pressure to react, knowing that otherwise they would become a persecuted minority, not any more understood by their own faithful (and of course they hoped that Hitler would turn out to be just another Mussolini; nobody could foresee the Holocaust or even the War at that time). Still it remains a fact that originally the Bishop’s policy was successful; if you analyse the results of the German elections between 1939 and 1933 and compare them with demographic figures, you will easily find out that the Nazi party had its majority of voters in the protestant Northeast of Germany, when it remained often enough below 30 % in the Catholic regions in the Southwest.
    Obviously, the Church tried everything possible to prevent Hitler’s rise to power, but unfortunately failed and had to deal with a new situation – the Nazsi in power! That this alone weakened their position is an understatement; indeed it also was confronted with the fact that their very own faithful obviously ignored all warnings and turned over to the new rulers. A new situation always requires a new policy. If you failed to prevent a horrible situation, you have to learn to deal with it – and this is exactly what the bishops decided to do; save, whatever was possible, under a hostile, antichristian regime.

    Of course all this is described in detail in my book “Hitler’s Religion” (2003) and my biography “Pius XII. – Der Papst, der Hitler trotzte” (2008), so that Wilensky certainly has no right to claim that any fact was “conveniently overlooked” by me, certainly not when we discovered the original documents and the Vatican’s enthusiastic reaction on the original ban of the Nazis in 1930 and published them early this year (2010).

    Generally, documents are the mosaic stones from which history is built. To publish a document can never be “disinformation”, as Wilensky claims, even when a press information is certainly not the adequate way to consider the complete historical background, before and after it was written. May i remeber him that it is not by some kind of “divine priviledge” that we got access to the Vatican Archives (and subsequently found documents, like any qualified historian would, if he takes the time to search), but that any historian is welcomed and granted access. That Mr. Wilensky never even asked for it, speaks for itself. Is he afraid he could find evidence contradicting his well-preserved prejudices?

    Of course, it does not just “sound good”, but it is a historic fact that Cardinal Secretary of State Eugenio Pacelli requested 200.000 visa for persecuted Jews and converts on 9 January 1939, what again shows his great concern for the Jewish victims of the racial persecution in Germany. If Wilensky likes it or not, a fact remains a fact, but mixing up cause and effect, as in above mentioned example, is a typical tactic of disinformation, certainly disqualifying Mr. Wilensky as a historian and author.
    to reply to the rest of Mr. Wilensky’s blog, it’s indeed bizarre that this author compares the situation in Nazi Germany during the 1930ies with the situation in Spain during the 15th century, when the one (Spain) was a religious persecution by the Spanish crown, following the Theodosian model of a state religion, the other (Germany) a racial persecution.
    Therefore, when Pacelly speaks of “non-aryan Catholics”, deliberately using Nazi terminology to demonstrate the need of urgent help, there are only three possibilities: Either he referred to Catholics with Jewish ancestry, who were also victims of the racial persecution of the Nazis (who defined Jewry as a race, not as a religion) or to Jews with false baptism certificates or to Jewish believers. Since the letter went out to 62 Archbishops of the Catholic World, of which 57 belonged to countries with a Catholic majority and 5 to countries with a strong Catholic minority (like the US), the request for “proper sanctuaries and schools to safeguard their religious cult, customs and traditions” cannot refer to Catholics with Jewish ancestry, who went to normal Catholic churches and schools in Germany and were just ordinary Catholics who could easily go to Sunday Mass in the Cathedral of Buenos Aires or Boston, at a time when Holy Mass was said in Latin anywhere on Earth. The only need they would have, of a German-speaking Father Confessor, is actually completely ignored in the letter. Instead, Pacelli spoke to the Archbishops of their very own, special religious “cult, customs and traditions” which cannot be Catholicism, since German Catholicism had no such specials (exempt, at that time, maybe the Christmas tree, which certainly was not a point of concern for Pacelli). Therefore, he obviously referred to Jews with or without false baptism papers, which were not needed in Germany for emigration, but for immigration e.g. in Brazil, which was not willing to issue 3000 visa for Jews, but only, explicitly, to Jewish coverts, “Catholic Non-Aryans”.
    Indeed this was very well understood by the Archbishops who received this letter, since they refer in most of their replies “just” to “ebrei” instead of “ebrei convertiti”.

    Again, Wilensky distorts history when he writes about the unfortunate “deportation of the Jews of Rome”. First of all, not “the Jews of Rome” were deported, but sadly enough 1007, when about 7000 were saved thanks to the initiative of Pius XII. who managed to stop the razzia; of the survivors, ca. 4300 were from now on hidden in Roman Monasteries, about 500 on Vatican territory, the remaining ones in the homes of Roman Catholic families and on the Papal enclave of Castel Gandolfo. Since 252 Jewish converts and Catholic partners of the deported were released, too, any request on the fate of the deported can only refer to Jews, not to converts. And indeed the Vatican always did everything humanly possible to help, although sometimes with no or only a minor success. Fr. Tacchi, who was never in the position to speak for the Pope, might find that worthy of a cynical but private comment – but wasn’t it at least worth a try if there was any chance to save a Jewish life? The Vatican tried its best, at least. About whom we can say the same?

    Indeed, the Pave the Way Foundation has no right or even intention to promote or support the beatification of Pope Pius XII. The Vatican has its own excellent historians and certainly relies on them more than on any outsider. Our intention is to publish documents which, for whatever reason, were either unknown or hitherto ignored by scholars such as Mr. Wilensky and invite scholars to study them!

    Michael Hesemann
    PTWF Germany

    1. Dear Michael Hesemann

      Shalom. and welcome to this site.

      Again I will permit a long comment, since you are the man I have disputed in my article. But please make your comments limited. And link up your long viewpoints to your own web-sites.

    2. Dear Michael.

      Shalom, and thanks for valuable confirmation about Hitler, the Nazis and the Catholics who joined the Nazi party, for whatever reasons and motives.

      The key point lies with the Catholic Church it self. Hitler was a Catholic. Baptized, and by Catholic doctrines saved, by the regenerated work of the Holy Spirit. Hitler also went through a Catholic confirmation, and was by all standard a papal faithful.

      Mussolini converted to Catholicism as an adult. And made the Catholic religion the state religion in Italy in 1929.

      Neither you, nor the Pope can run away from these facts. The slaughter of the Jews was done by blessed and approved Roman Catholic leaders.

      1. Ivarfjeld,

        Hitler was only nominally a Catholic. Indeed he was raised by a “freethinking” Father and went to Chzrch the last time for the funeral mass of his Mother in the age of 18. He and all the other leading Nazis were Apostates who broke with the Church in an early age. A Catholic faithful is someone who practises his faith, who goes to Church and confession and follows the teachings of the Church – something Hitler never did in all his adult life. You can’t blame a religion for the deeds of an Apostate (it’s the same “logic” used by the Nazis to blame Jews for Communism). Indeed, Nazism was defined as a heresy by the Catholic Church and membership to the Nazi party was a reason for excommunication between 1930 and 1933.
        The slaughter of Jews was done by SS leaders who had to leave the Church before they were admitted to the higher ranks by SS Leader Heinrich Himmler who himself left the Church in 1935. Sorry, but in your hate against the Holy Roman Catholic Church, you are so completely wrong!

      2. Dear Michael.

        Shalom, and thanks for this viewpoint about the Roman Catholic Church (RCC).

        A Catholic definition of a saved sinner, is an infant that has been baptized in the RCC. In Baptism, the infant in born again, destined for eternal life.

        If Catholics like Hitler, that for whatever reason skips Church, loose their salvation by not attending Church, I guess they have not been saved in their baptism?

        You are exposing the theology of the RCC to be a complete contradiction, a man made religion.

        And to make my point even clearer to you:

        Why do the RCC have a blessed sacrament for dying people, and bury Catholics that did not attend Church?

        I guess they can still be saved?

        But not in their baptism, nor by their faithful attendance in Church services.

        But in the refining fire of “purgatory” That is a hot place, and not at all the Kingdom of Heaven. Their priest sends them to Hell, a warm place the deceived Catholic’s will never be able to escape from.

        This is some of the painful truths about what you in your Interfaith foundation, calls “The Holy Roman Catholic Church”.

  3. New International Version (©1984)
    “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”

    Matthew 10:34

    PWF organization is all about religious tolerance. They seem to be right on board with the merging of all religions for the sake of “peace.” Christ did not come to merge all religions together in a fake syrupy-sweet-we-all-love-each-other-sin-doesn’t-exist-religion. That is precisely what is happening.During the Inquisition the Vatican locked the Jews behind a wall (ghetto) and there they were confined for 300 years. They burned all their copies of the Talmud, and did not want the state of Israel recognized. Now they are trying to look like defenders of Israel by promoting the sainthood of Pious XII. All you need to do is look at the history to see their intentions.

    1. Dear Sue.


      Even when the intention of the Roman Catholic Church seems to be the very best, their theology is false. The life of a faithful catholic will be full of confusion, and deceptions. When you create a Gospel based on salvation by penance and works, you put a curse on your own head. There is simply no possibility of receiving The Holy Spirit and be saved.

    2. The Pave the Way Foundation promotes peace and dialogue between the religions and confessions but respects their diversity! Indeed, Pius XII. was in favour of a Jewish state and encouraged the Catholic nations to vote in favour of it, although he was sceptic about the influence of socialist ideas involved. He would have preferred a more religiosu Jewish state.

      1. Dear Michael.

        Shalom, and welcome to a debate on Pius XII.

        You wrote:

        Pius XII. was in favour of a Jewish state and encouraged the Catholic nations to vote in favour of it.

        My reply:

        The Pope might have been in favor of a Jewish state. Its location could be anywhere, but not in the Middle East. And under no circumstance, close to Jerusalem.

        These two links might be helpful to you:

        The devil and his Popes, big and small, do whatever they can to make the Word of God null and void. The Bible says the Jews shall return to Zion. What man feels about this, does not changed the realities on the ground.

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