Egyptian University: “Lets build sea port and air port in Gaza”

There is another alternative: Opening Gaza’s sea and air routes to the outside world as well as a passageway between the Strip and the West Bank.

This kind of fisherman's bay is all there is in Gaza. No Ships called an "aid convoy" can replace the Israeli supplies over land by trucks to the people in Gaza.

This is a new suggested strategy for Gaza, written by Sharif S. Elmusa. He is an associate professor of political science at the American University in Cairo.

“International discussions about the Gaza siege have focused on the possibility of easing restrictions at land crossings between Gaza, on one hand, and Egypt and Israel on the other”.

Professor Sharif S. Elmusa.

“But there is another alternative: opening Gaza’s sea and air routes to the outside world as well as a passageway between the Strip and the West Bank” .

Israel wants Gaza to fade into Egypt. Determined to avoid such a scenario, Egyptian authorities are driven by two concerns. First is that opening the Rafah crossing without ending the Israeli siege will ultimately achieve Israel’s goal of displacing the Gaza problem onto Egypt.

Here Israeli and Egyptian interests are in conflict.

Second is Cairo’s concern that under Hamas rule violence can spill into Sinai and threaten tourism, leaving Egypt vulnerable to US and Israeli accusations of ineffectively fighting terrorism.

Read more about Sharif S. Elmusa proposal:

My comment:

It is no longer political correct to ask questions about the ideology of Hamas.

The Israeli naval blokcade is a bid to avoid rockets and arms to be smuggled into the beaches of Gaza.

Will building a sea port in Gaza, make Hamas abandoning their Islamic ideology of destroying Israel”

Will rebuilding Gaza International Airport make Hamas leave their adoration and support for the Iranian regime?

I guess the answer is “no”.

Than I also guess we have to see a regime change in Gaza. If not the International community will just help Hamas and Iran build a new terrorist state 45 minutes drive from Tel Aviv.

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