Reuters: Hamas won the isolation war on Israel

No longer is Gaza isolated. By refusing to recognize the Jewish state, Hamas has both managed to isolate Israel and become political correct.

Terrorist and Prime Minister in Gaza, Ismail Hanyet has won another battle with Israel. The Jewish state is more isolated than ever.

This is the essence of a political analysis, sent out by the international news agency Reuters on Saturday.

This is what is written:

Hamas is starting to see cracks in Israeli and Western policies after the storm unleashed by its rise to government in Gaza over the last four years, first through the ballot box and then by force of arms.

Israel’s decision to ease its Gaza embargo is expected to offer at least some economic respite, to the benefit of Hamas.

The group has declared the Israeli decision a victory and a result of its uncompromising approach.

“Hamas has proved that it cannot be uprooted and its will is iron,” said Ayman Taha, a Hamas official in Gaza.

Emboldened by recent moral support from states such as NATO member Turkey, Hamas’ confidence appears only to be growing.

It shows no sign of budging on the principles that have caused its international isolation. It will not recognize Israel, renounce violence or support peace agreements concluded by its Palestinian rivals.

It will only agree to a “long-term truce,” refusing to give up what it believes is the Palestinians’ right to the land where Israel was established in 1948.

Source: Analysis by Tom Perry (Reuters)

My comment:

Its a tragedy. The International community has given up their objections to Islamic terrorism.  No the tunes in Washington is, that a tittle bit of cash and cement, will surely make soldiers of Jihad good “peace partners” for Obama and Israel.

Hamas has been recognized as the ruling government in Gaza, without giving Washington and Jerusalem an inch. Not recognizing the state of Israel, not ending their armed struggle to harm the Jewish people, and not accepting any peace deal signed by the Arab Palestinian leadership of al-Fatah.

Israel has moved their “red lines”, Jerusalem said she would never cross . And when you give the Islamic Fascists a finger, they will end up…..

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