Anti-Jewish Norwegian TV-reporter is a Church going Catholic

Sidsel Wold did falsify a story on Jewish professor Manfred Gerstenfeld. To the state owned media NRK she revels her self to be a believing Catholic.

Sidsel Wold is not a leftist, but a beliving Catholic working in Jerusalem

Most Norwegian viewers of the state owned TV-Channel NRK, live under the impression that journalist Sidsel Wold is a leftist supporter of The Arab Palestinians, and that her political views make her reporting with bias against Israel.

Last month, Wold was reprimanded by her editor in NRK. She had falsified a news story on Jewish professor Manfred Gerstenfeld, and his latest book on anti-semitism in Norway.

Professor Gerstenfeld hardly got a chance to speak about his own book.

In a three minutes radio-cut, Wold only expressed her views as a journalist. Another NRK-reporter later had to make a second interview, which gave Gerstenfeld as chance to express his views.

But who is this reporter Sidsel Wold, who reports from the Middle East?

Lets see what she said about her self, to a NRK journalist two years ago:

“To be the Prime Minister of Israel must be the most difficult job in the World”, explains Wold.  Her stay in Israel has made her more aware of her own identity as a Christian.

“During the worst media storms, I am likely to seek silence and peace inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre”.

Source: NRK

My comment:

This is a stunning revelation about reporter Sidsel World. The journalist from the Lutheran kingdom of Norway, reloads her spiritual battery inside the holiest Catholic site in Jerusalem.

People who are true Christians, acknowledge that this Catholic site in a hoax, and not holy at all. This Church is rather the epic center of religious people fighting tooth and nail for what they claim is the grave yard of Jesus.

Take look at this video, of how Catholic clergy behave inside this claimed to be a Church.

Even if Jesus ever came to that site, He is longer there. He is risen.

Many Evangelical Christians believe this is the site where Jesus was crucified, buried and from where He resurrected.

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