“Aid ship” sent to destination without a sea port

‘If we cannot deliver the aid, we will let (Israel) deliver it,’ says head volunteer.

Libya sends this ship with "aid" to Hamas in Gaza, that do not have a sea port.

Journey of a vessel commissioned by Gaddafi charity organization expected to take up to 80 hours. The Ship will carry 2,000 tons of food and medical supplies, including sacks of rice and sugar, corn oil and olive paste.

Source: Associated Press

My comment:

Gaza has no sea port.  So why do Arabic nations sends “aid ships” to help Hamas in Gaza?

It is strange that an area claimed to have a right to form a “statehood”, does not have a sea port.

Neither the Turks, the Britishers nor the Egyptians build a sea port in Gaza. They controlled this “statehood” from 1517 A.D to 1967 A.D.

They had 450 years to deliver.

Hamas have never said their aim is to create a statehood in Gaza. They want Gaza and Israel to become integrated parts of a new Islamic statehood of “Palestine”. I guess that’s why they have never build, or plan to build a sea port on Gaza. They do not need it.

What about making the Israeli sea ports of Ashdod or Haifa “Islamic”?

I guess you just have to send 2.000 well armed “aid ships”?

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