God-TV came back to India on the sixth day


The demonic global spread of falsehood from this TV-channel was just temporarily suspended.

Saturday morning, God-TV disappeared from the TV-sets in India.

Thursday, after 6 days the bills were finally payed, and the RR-SAT promotion video was gone.

It went missing also in the city of Mumbai, and in Thailand.

Today, God-TV is back.

Indian followers of Jesus will again waist their money. Local Indian fellowships will again be strangled for finances. No one will help the needy in their villages and towns.

No one will again be doer’s of the gospel. But the false prosperity teachers will again get their rupees and dollars.

4 thoughts on “God-TV came back to India on the sixth day

  1. Praise God that God tv is back!I and countless others are blessed though their programmes and prayers.Just because Rory and Wendy Alec are too godly to hit back doesn’t give people like you licence to slander them.Please consider where the demonic falsehood is really from!May God help God tv to continue as long as He sees fit,for His purpose and glory.

  2. I see your point ivarfjeld.It’s just that these people have been under attack a lot while serving Him which is sad.Yes,as you allude,some may be there who are out for their own purposes,not God’s.Hope He gives us discernment in the area.

    1. Dear Makeda Sangma.


      Thanks for this comment. The issues around God-TV is not a matter of black or white.

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