Former US ambassador: NATO can not win the Afghan war

Lets give the Taliban the south of Afghanistan. This is the suggestion of former US Ambassador to India, Robert Blackwill.

Praying that the good Lord will help the US and the Taliban. Robert Blackwill visiting a Sikh Temple in India.

The current counter-insurgency is not working, he says, because the Taliban don’t see why they should negotiate peace when they haven’t been defeated on the ground. The US, he suggests, will have to reconcile to the fact that the Taliban will control southern Afghanistan. They should be allowed to do so.

“After years of faulty US policy toward Afghanistan, there are no quick, easy and cost-free ways to escape the current deadly quagmire. But, with all its problems, de facto partition offers the best available US alternative to strategic defeat,” Blackwill argues in an article in `Politico’.

Source: The Times of India.

My comment:

While the Islamic movement is fighting America and Israel, the US Administration refuses to recognize who the enemy is.  When they feel they can hand out billions of US dollar to “Moderat Muslims”, in a bid to make them fight “extremists”, the US only fuel the enemy.

Robert Blackwill worked as an adviser to President Bush, who started the war in Afghanistan.

The result is that the US it self increases the powers of the Taliban. It grows stronger by the day, funded with US tax payers money.

Because as soon as the “moderates” has got their promised cash and a proper assault rife, they desert and join their Muslim brethren in their fight against “The great Satan”.

What is the solution?

After 10 years of war failure, there is simply no good solution.

The US has again feed the enemy, that will turn its anger towards the free and democratic West. If the US had not been so bent on revenge in 2001, Afghanistan would have had both schools, infrastructure, water irrigation projects, social justice for women and a functioning democracy today.

The US just had to invested a couple of billions in the right pockets from the start, in stead of bombing Kabul.  The Christian West could have displayed to the Afghans, that we cared for them.

An historical chance of taking Afghanistan out of the Middle Ages is lost. Thanks to the Iron Triangle in the US, who former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the World about when he left the oval office.

6 thoughts on “Former US ambassador: NATO can not win the Afghan war

  1. Suppose the war is going exactly as planned. “you’ll know them by their works”. All these leaders of the world belong to one group or another, skull and bones, masons, knights of Malta, shriners…etc. They must be all connected or how would so many secretive groups of powerful people get along without fighting, without exposing each other. Why be so secretive if they’re not up to something..

  2. It’s too easy to ridicule an idea by showing the originator in silly headgear.
    How many more Western soldiers do you want dead or maimed before NATO sees that USSR/Russia was right?
    Denmark has lost more soldiers per capita than anyone else and I believe it’s more than enough, so partition and drones sound good to me.

    1. Dear Blikker.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      I agree that the photo is provoking our senses. But what we need to expose, is the US leaving its Christian roots. The American’s of today, (as a nation) are not facing salvation. They are facing eternal judgment.

      The former US Ambassador to India, is just one of many American leaders, who have bowed down to other religions. Obama bowed down to the King of Saudi Arabia.

      The chosen picture is therefor an other brilliant example, of the current state of affairs.

  3. When the Afghan war started they described it on TV as a place run by drug lords. I read that was the opposite of the truth. The Taliban had actually eradicated the opium crops, according to UN data. If it’s about the opium crops then the US could never control the country, keep the opium growing and maintain the image of being the “good guys”. It could be totally about modifying the Taliban to be opium friendly drug lords.

    1. Dear Ed.

      Shalom, and thanks for an reflective comment.

      What makes Afghanistan fall pray to the Taliban?

      Let it be recalled, that it was the US who built the Taliban. When it suited Washington, in 1980. So the Taliban is used to receive Cash, and are well aware of the CIA and their counter insurgent strategies. Now it seems like the Tailban is winning the war with their counter-counter insurgent strategy. This is a very simple game. Just pretend to be a “moderate” Muslim for some time….

  4. Yes, and time will break the USA. We should, as punishment for 9-11 etc, level the place with total war until out pullout with immigration restrictions imposed on those people. How could we have won or win without fighting the war.(Corruption has kept us from outright winning). One doesn ‘t win by carrot sticking or politicking but by bringing destruction to the enemy!

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