Report: Plague suspected in the Syrian Military

According to the Syrian opposition in exile, the Syrian president has ordered the shutdown of all Syrian military exercises.

The Syrian army has not been victorious in the past. And they will surely loose in the end.

The cancelation of military activity in Syria, seems to be a due to an outbreak of plague that currently affects a large number of military, especially conscripts in training.

The epidemic is related to the worst drought in 40 years.

Original report in French (JSS News)

Source: International Society for Infectious Diseases.

My comment:

I wish the Syrian people, and all Syrian soldiers well. But they need to leave the false teaching of Islam, or something much worse will soon strike them. To continue with Jihad against the Jewish people will be their doom.

Lets see what the Bible says about Syrian foolishness.

Zechariah 14:12

This is the plague with which the LORD will strike all the nations that fought against Jerusalem: Their flesh will rot while they are still standing on their feet, their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongues will rot in their mouths.

Isaiah 17:1
[ An Oracle Against Damascus ] An oracle concerning Damascus: “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins.

Non of these Biblical prophecies have been fulfilled yet. But surely, they will. Sooner of later.

10 thoughts on “Report: Plague suspected in the Syrian Military

  1. I agree with your statements and that a day of reconing and justice is building very quickly For God is Not mocked for what so ever a man (or nation leaders) sows, so shall they reap. Many people are decieving themselves. They want to believe this nation and world can be turned back to what it was and what it was that they consider peaceful for them is the world that embraced many sins and walked in many lusts, not the least of which are the leaders and people in high places. Because sin has worked it’s guile since the garden in Eden, when death was first passed as a result of disobedience. They did not know how to die because death had never been a part of their existence and then Able was slain and sorrow of the natural followed remorse of the Spiritual nature and in every case Father God offered them space for repentance,space to seek Him and Right. The choices that mankind has made is not new and they are embroiling to a head even as we watch.
    I have been so shocked by Believers that have preferred and stated so that they felt it was up to them to force this that and the other thing and insisting that Father God, The Creator of all life and living, run along side of them and MAKE their plans work. Their statements run along the line of IF God will help US then WE can do this that and the other thing. I asked them, what did Father God SAY? No answer. My Spirit withdrew because they were acting out of rage and self importance. The Sheep and Goats are being seperated and I will not lend my name nor my words to their vain babbling and foolish utterances as they whip others into frenzies of rage and foolish actions. I get these alerts from here and they are always placing Father God above all things. This is as it should be. I Thank You and Appreciate you.
    God Bless you
    Thank you

    1. Dear Gracie.

      Shalom, and thanks for blessing me.

      Yes, Jesus was a rebel. But a rebel against flesh and human wisdom, that contradicted the scriptures. Jesus was NOT a rebel against His Father God in Heaven. If you believe in such a “Jesus”, you have been deceived by false Pastors, priests, or what ever your spiritual teacher would like to call him self.

      On of the deceivers is a Lutheran priest in Oslo. He says he do not believe in God (of the Old Testament). He believes in Jesus.

      1. Christ Jesus is the only Door and Way too Father God and there is none other. I have known Jesus all my life and have experienced many things from very early childhoos when I scooped up a handfull of lime to ‘smell’ it.

        I was instantly in the Brilliant Bright Light and onto His lap where He told me things and we talked. I was not breathing for over 15 minutes and blue. Finally Jesus said I had to return and I asked Him why. He said because your Mommy is crying and Praying to me to give you back and just that fast I was back. I jumped down off her lap and started playing as though nothing had happened. My Aunt was with us when it happened and I have always known His closeness.

        Many dreams, many visions, many revalations and Dreams and experiences.
        I walk in His Holy Spirit and trust Him in all things.

        My heart aches to see people stirred up into a frenzy that renders them a mass of rage and knee jerk reactions that will get them hurt by those that talk anger and aggression against those that Father God has said our strength and might is small but that by His Spirit is all Things Accomplished, yet I have witnessed folks stirring strife among tender ones to do and say things they themselves will not do and say they should pray but should Fight as they see fit themselves.

        If Peace and Guidance is not through Father God in Christ Jesus Name then there is no peace and guidance, only self will and actions without wisdom. If there is Battle to be done and He is not the Chief and Absolute Authority and Guidance then there will be no victory.
        We have no Breath or Being without Him in Christ Jesus Name.

        Jesus was a Rebel?

        Scripture said He was named among them but rebel against Father God?


        He fulfilled the Truth of The Old Covenant and paid the price for our redemption and salvation in full.Jesus was not in politics and yet many say He said His people should be and I can not find that anywhere in scripture to the otherwise.

        Many years ago I was involved with Christian Coalition only to find the ‘politics’ they played were just as dirty as those we see now. I have dealt with many politions, Senators, Congresspeople, Judges, Lawyers and a miriad of State elected leaders and I will say this; If there was ever an example of people trying to give two waters from one well, that was it.

        What is happening against Israel by todays leadership and what is being done in the South that is killing people both long term and short should be a rapid pace wake up call for those that decieve themselves into believing all these things will just go away and someone somewhere will do something at sometime to change things or stop them when in fact there is ONE and only One that DO all things. Many folks do not want to think about these being the last days. It scares them.

        Many have walked in and among sins and lusts and corruptions and Pride hinders them from dealing with the fact that these are in need of repentance. The 501c3 churches are turning against Israel and Godly ways in support of a leadership that has already sold them out and they do not want to come to terms with it.These things bother me a great deal.

        My heart aches for them because father God said HIS people perish from lack of knowledge (of HIM) not the world and worldly ways. The souls at stake are precious. Christ Jesus gave His life for them. Sadly far too many are happy with ‘fire Insurance’ and realize what is at stake and many resent anyone bringing the matter up but it must be addressed.

        Are we not commissioned to Plead their causes? Are we not commissioned to walk before them as Living ensamples and not dead examples?

        The Privilege of responsibility is sacred and it is Real. It is not something to keep pushing to someday, years from now,in the future.I am Blessed By His Love and Protection and Guidance (aren’t we all?) It is not something that happens on Sundays and Wednesdays. It is 24-7 Hallelujah.

  2. Greetings ;
    I’m from syria , and am in the syrian army .. and I just wanna say that this topic is full of it 😛 .. there will never be a plague in syria or the syrian army and we’ll always be the most pure .. and our laws has nothing to do with religion .. that’s nothing but lies ur talking about 🙂 .. and soon with honor we’ll free palestine again .. I recommend u just enjoy the time u have left and forget about it

    1. Dear Syrian Eagle.


      You wrote:

      and soon with honor we’ll free palestine again ..

      My reply:

      “Free Palestine again?”

      There have never been a more defeated army in the Middle East, than the Syrian army. Please tell which war you did not loose against Israel?

    2. Syrian,

      Since the Word of God is the complete truth, Syria AKA Damascus will become a heap of ruins.

      Isaiah 17
      A Prophecy Against Damascus
      1 A prophecy against Damascus:
      “See, Damascus will no longer be a city
      but will become a heap of ruins.

      It is not too late to repent, and accept Christ.

  3. lol .. what happend to u the last time u tried to hit hizb allah again ? remember ? 😀 that was nothing compared to now anyway ..

    1. Dear Syrian Eagle.


      Did you say Hizb Allah?

      That is that fellow Hassan Nasrallah. Please tell me which bunker he is hiding in.

      I was talking about the Syrian army. You lost in 1948, 1967 and 1973.

      You lost the Golan, and the IDF was on its way to Damascus, only halted by US Pressure.

      This is the facts, my friend.

      Do you know Jesus by any chance?

  4. I know Jesus more than u do my friend .. obviously ! plus , I dnt wanna sound rude or anything .. but plz gimme a break , seems like u know nothing about us , else u wouldn’t say “the syrian army” .. if u know enough about hizb allah .. we’re like part of each others the syrian army and hizb allah !

    and in the 1967 the syrian army was raping u incase u didn’t know .. but then u bought the egyptians to ur side and we were all alone.. else u wouldn’t have existed by now.

    but now let me ask u , do u know anything about muhammad by any chance ? or do u just read wut ur books and media tells u ? have u ever read the quran urself ? stop attacking the muslim religion when u know nothing about it .. at least u should know ur enemy u know.

    1. Dear Syrian Eagle.


      I am blessed that you know Jesus. I praise your Father In Heaven, because He has revealed to you who His Son is. He took your place on the cross, shed His blood, paid for your sins, so you can live if you accept Him as master and savior.

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