N.Y.Times attacks American funding and aid to Jewish settlers

“A two-state solution in the Middle East, he says, is vital to defusing Muslim anger at the West”.

The Jewish settlers in Zion, do obey God of the Bible. America fears Islam, that wants them dead or out.

This is a statement by Barack Hussein Obama recorded in a feature article in yesterday’s New York Times. The article is a monumental American attack on American Jews, funding Jewish settlers in the mountains of Zion, the Biblical heartland of Israel. The only valid reason many American Jews can give, for not moving to Israel: “We stay behind in America to fund you”.

The article also exposes the motive behind many US liberals support for a two-state-solution: – Fear of Islam.

The storyline and title expose the motives:

Tax-Exempt Funds Aid Settlements in West Bank”

Let see what the big Daddy in the big Apple writes:

“While a succession of American administrations have opposed the settlements here, Mr. Obama has particularly focused on them as obstacles to peace. A two-state solution in the Middle East, he says, is vital to defusing Muslim anger at the West”.

Hitler was a hunter in Berlin. Obama is another in Washington.

“Under American pressure, Mr. Netanyahu has temporarily frozen new construction to get peace talks going. The freeze and negotiations, in turn, have injected new urgency into the settlers’ cause — and into fund-raising for it”.

“I am not happy about it,”
a senior military commander in the West Bank responded when asked about contributions to a radical religious academy whose director has urged soldiers to defy orders to evict settlers. He spoke under normal Israeli military rules of anonymity.

Read the full story:  N.Y.Times attacks the soul of the Jewish people, their right to live on the mountains of Zion.

My comment:

Two years ago I replied to an article of a Jewish Rabbi in the US, who felt safe in America.

Just wait and see, I told him. “The hunters will hunt you down over there also”.

He replied: ” I do not think so”

Just like the majority of Jews felt safe in Europe in 1931, and refused to move home to the Promised land, the American Jews feels safe in the US today.

But soon they have to chose: “Renounce your Jewish faith of Biblical Zionism, or leave American soil”. If you chose to renounce your faith, than what is left to make you “Jewish”?

This attack in The New York Times, is just the beginning of the perfect storm approaching.

But behold: God of Israel and His Messiah Jesus will bless all Jews who obey Him. Jesus promised to gather you back home, and said: ” I will cleanse you from your sins”

Do not worry, my Jewish brethren, who I love and support.  The Messiah is coming back to Israel to save Israel, and to judge all her enemies.  Amen.

One thought on “N.Y.Times attacks American funding and aid to Jewish settlers

  1. history has inadvertently portrayed the enemies of the ‘jews’ (isrealites) as an eagle (babylon w/eagle wings, rome, germany,…) who’s to say america could not be next?
    the jews live amongst their enemies.
    beware the eagle from the north.

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