US top Generals: “Bring Hamas and Hizballah into national armies”

Hizballah should join the Lebanese army, and Hamas combatants be accepted into the Dayton forces in Ramallah.

President Barack Hussein Obama, US Commander David Petraeus and senator Chuck Hagel during a visit to Iraq.

According to the journal “Foreign Policy”, this is the suggestion in an intelligence report published by US Central Command (CENTCOM) last week.

The CENTCOM study referred to both terror groups as “pragmatic and opportunistic,” and insisted that the policy of excluding them from dealings with the PA and Lebanon was only driving Hamas and Hizballah toward more radical behavior.

“Failing to recognize their separate grievances and objectives will result in continued failure in moderating their behavior,” according to CENTCOM.

The authors of the report also largely faulted Israel for the more violent outbursts of Hamas and Hizballah in recent years.

They claimed that it was Israeli policy toward Gaza that resulted in the massive Hamas rocket barrages that sparked Operation Cast Lead, and that Israel’s initiating the Second Lebanon War in response to a deadly Hizballah cross-border raid in which three Israeli soldiers were abducted was an overreaction that ultimately drove the group into the arms of Iran.

US President Barack Hussein Obama, with General David Petraeus. Now in charge of Obamas bid to make peace with the Taliban as soon as possible.

What the report left out was that there was no embargo against Gaza until Hamas seized control there and escalated rocket attacks against Israel.

It also failed to note that both Hamas and Hizballah have publicly dedicated themselves to the full destruction of the Jewish state. Israelis insist that is an objective they simply cannot recognize, as the CENTCOM officers suggested.

Source: Foreign Policy.

My comment:

Its called “thinking out of the box”. But is rather a good example of being out of your mind.

This kind of American logic will lead to a revolution in the USA. Because, to make the enemies of the US more “moderate”, you just have to admit them into the US Army.

The solution in Afghanistan, is that the Taliban combatants who kill NATO soldiers, will become good and responsible beings. You just have to recruit them to the regular Afghan forces.

This kind of American attitude, promoted by the five star Generals in Pentagon, could have shortened World War II by several year. The US just should have admitted the Japanese combatants who attacked Pearl Harbor in December 1941 into the US Navy as early as possible.

May be as a Christmas gift in 1942?

No longer do ideology play a central role in the Generals understanding of the war around them. They would probably have accepted the Nazis inside the Allied forces, in a bid to get a quick end to the World War II in Europe. And with Hitler still reigning in Berlin, up to this day.

John Brennan, a loose gun on the deck.

Read more about John Brennan, Obama’s new security adviser. He suggested the same solution a couple of weeks ago. Here is the report.

How to bring these two American wars to an end?

I guess the first thing you have to do, is stop supporting Mecca, and acknowledge the source of all this evil. Let the Generals start reading the Koran.

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