Obama thanked Netanyahu for another Israeli defeat in Gaza

“We discussed Gaza. I congratulated Prime Minister Netanyahu on the progress that’s been made more quickly and more effectively than many thought.”

The Commander in Chief who now rules in Washington and Jersualem, will tell Benjamin Netanyahu what to do next.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

Benjamin Netanyahu is putting his trust, where he should not.  Its funny. Obama again mocks Netanyahu at his face, basically telling the press that he never thought the Gaza “aid flotilla” would be so effective in bringing Israel to its knees.

To rebuild Gaza is like rebuilding Germany in 1944. The new US foreign policy is based on this logic:

If Hitler had got some new building materials to Berlin, He would have become a “moderate” and willing to give up his ideology of violence and hate towards the Jews.

The Nazis did "great" things for Germany. Here from the opening of the Autobahn. I am sure Obama agrees.

Thanking Netanyahu for his support and increase of supplies to the Hamas regime, is really the most insane political comment we have heard from Washington in years.

Its just a matters of weeks, before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is forced to announce an extension of the building squeeze on Jewish settlers in Judea and Samaria.  Of course, for the good cause of “peace”.

If I am wrong. I will send an personal apology email to the Prime Ministers office in Jerusalem.

What is a stake here?

Liberated Germany was rebuild rather quickly with aid from America, after the defeat of Hitler.

It could have been Berlin 1945. But its Gaza 2010. The World is loosing the battle against Islamic evil.

Gaza is being rebuilt without the defeat of Hamas.

The Islamic terrorist organization has won the battle of hearts and minds, because no one have learned anything from history.

Like Hitler saw Chamberlains concessions as weakness, The Islamic Arabs look on such strategic errors in a similar manner. 

Hamas in not going to give up Koran inspired Jihad, as a gift to Obama, who forced Israel to give them cement. But they can fake “Peace” when more chocolate and cash seems to be in the pipeline.

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