Obama as naive and indecisive as Jimmy Carter

The two World regimes Iran and North Korea is governed by criminals. The last six months, they have been busy testing if President Obama is just as talkative as former US President Jimmy Carter, or if the new US President is a man over power and principles.


Obama seems to have been doing his utter most to prove how kind, naive and indecisive he is. First in the last week, we saw the first sign of a President who can send clear signals of possible use of power. The question remains, if new language comes to late to be consider trustworthy.

Its no coincidence that many have started to compare Obama with Jimmy Carter. Its now 30 years since Jimmy Carter was President in the US. The electorate gave him only four years in office. But during these four years, Carter managed to loose all the International power struggles he faced. It was on his duty as commander in chief, that the Ayatollah regime came to power in Iran. Only in one area, Carter has proven to be rough. In his relationship with Israel. There were times when Carter harassed Israel several times a week, with his monologs of «illegal Jewish settlements». Carters messages is like copy-cats of the messages we now hear from Obama.

For Israel, the tight relationship between North Korea and Iran is alarming. Iranian experts are present at the tribune during every rocket launch in North Korea. And they take back with them to Tehran all kinds on new innovative ways of building rockets that can carry nuclear war heads.

On all occasions, when he has been under pressure, Obama has chosen to do exactly nothing.

Editorial in the Norwegian Christian Daily «DagenMagazinet»

My comment:

I can only say «amen» to this.

First published: 08.07.2009.

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