Reject link between anti-Semitic attacks and situation in Mideast

Jewish group’s president says European Jewry ‘at its worst’ since the end of World War Two. ‬‬

Russia's Moshe Kantor, the newly elected president of the European Jewish Congress.

The president of the European Jewish Congress (EJC), Dr. Moshe Kantor, called on European politicians to completely reject the line of reasoning whereby Jews are attacked on the streets of Europe because of the situation in the Middle East.

“I believe that the situation of European Jewry is at its worst since the end of World War Two”, Kantor said.

“Jews are afraid to walk the streets in Europe with Jewish signs; Synagogues, Jewish schools and kindergartens require barbed-wire fences and security and Jewish men, women and children are beaten up in broad daylight”.

“Unfortunately, there are those who make the false claim that anti-Semitic attacks are a natural reaction to events in the Middle East,” Kantor said Wednesday.

“This line of reasoning is illegitimate as well as dishonest. There are tens of conflicts raging in the world, where hundreds of thousands of people are losing their lives. Has anyone heard of a single other act of violence in Europe that is justified because of a foreign conflict?”

“I would like European politicians to state loud and clear that there is no justification or understanding whatsoever for the attacks on Jews or Jewish institutions in Europe,” he said.

This was a central message at the first ever roundtable lunch debate initiated by the EJC for Members of the European Parliament and the European Jewish leadership to discuss issues of mutual concern. The discussion was based around the theme “European Citizenship: Being Jewish in the European Union, what are the perspectives?”

Source: ‪Ynetnews‬.com

My comment:

Map of claimed to be a nation for the Kurdish people.

If it is true that Jews are beaten up in Europe because of Israel “occupation” and treatment of Arab Palestinians, there naturally must be a lot of other people facing the same treatment by the” just” Europeans.

Have you seen many Turks being beaten up in Berlin, because of the ongoing civil war inside Turkey against the Kurdish minority?

I am sure London is full of bruised Russians, who only can thank them selves for such attacks, as a result on the civil war against the Chechens.

Paris in no longer a safe place for Burmese men. Their personal belongings have been damaged, because they are used as soldiers by their generals, in a brutal military regime.

Does this make sense?

The logic of public mobs doing whatever they like in Europe, has fetched its inspiration from the days of Fascism.

And the next ethnic people to be beaten up, are citizens of Iceland.

Simply because they refuse to pay back the money their banks lost during the biggest speculation party the World has seen.

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