More trouble for anti-Jewish Mel Gibson

He was drunk, and accused the Jews for being the source of all violence and wars. Than he left his wife for a mistress. Now his mistress has framed him as a “racist”.

Mel Gibson is a Jew hater and adulterer. He falsified the gospel in the movie Passion of Christ.Her with his Russian mistress.

Mel Gibson is the director of the movie “Passion of Christ”.

This movie has been viewed by millions of people. If Gibson had not made this movie, I would not have looked into his private live.

The link to the latest trouble of Mel Gibson.

What was wrong with the movie, Passion of Christ?

It presented a “different Jesus”, from a “different gospel”.

First and most important: The movie ends with “Jesus” death on the cross. There is no chapter of His resurrection, His appearance to his students, and Him ascending into Heaven.

The movie is a copy of the 13 stations of the cross, a religious Roman Catholic ritual. This ritual has no station after the crucifixion. This false Roman idol of a Jesus, that ends his life on the cross, is central in faulty and false RCC teachings.

I guess the Roman Catholic Mel Gibson made a Roman Catholic movie about “Jesus” of Rome?


The mother of Jesus is elevated in this movie.  She appears in places along his sufferings, where there is no reference of her participation in the scripture. The Jewish Miriam is given super natural powers, and is dressed like, guess what: A Catholic nun or/and a Catholic madonna.


The excessive use of blood and violence in this movie, is typical for Mel Gibson’s earlier movies. It is blood everywhere. The Bible says that Jesus was flogged by the Romans. But He shed his blood on the cross, after nailing our sins to the cross.

Blood on the streets of Jerusalem, do not save anyone. The Gospel is about  Jesus crucified for our sins on Calvary Hill, AND RESURRECTED, for our justification and eternal life with Him.

The movie of Gibson left my Master dead and gone, a cursed man. The false Messiah in Gibson”s life was not interesting in changing him. Rather he cursed Gibson. Lets learn from the lessons of the true Messiah.

Luke 6:43.

“No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit.

2 thoughts on “More trouble for anti-Jewish Mel Gibson

  1. Amen to that. I have said the same since I first saw the movie. It is a shocking and invalid document. Furthermore, Jesus never spoke Aramaic as his first tongue, but Hebrew.

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