Al-Jazeera: Cash & Coffee from the US has corrupted our armed struggle

“The PLO police forces are fighting for the survival of the state of Israel”.

American coffee has had an impact in Ramallah. No longer do the youth want to blow them self up as Islamic suicide bombers...As long as the cash & coffee "aid" is flowing.

This is a view of cafe goer “Ahmad” in Ramallah. He tells the Arabic TV-Canal, English edition, that he is more afraid of the PA security forces than of the Israeli military. He says he is constantly watched and is thinking of fleeing the West Bank, even if that means leaving his family behind.

Ahmad’s feelings of desperation and loss are shared by senior members of Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC). Azzam Al-Ahmad, the head of the Fatah block in the PLC says:

Azzam Al-Ahmad is complaining about too much cash. It makes Jihad'ists lazy.

“We are no longer a liberation organisation and we haven’t achieved independence to govern a state. Simply, we fell in the Israeli trap. So did Hamas:.

Development, investment and growth have become synonymous with the doctrine known as ‘Fayyadism’, in reference to Salam Fayyad, the prime minister. Simply put, Fayyad believes that economic growth is the foundation for establishing an independent Palestinian state.

His vision has gained ground in international forums, particularly with the US, EU and the Quartet’s Middle East envoy, Tony Blair.

But what will happen when Fayyad is no longer prime minister?

Will the international funding stop?

The US and EU are helping to build the West Bank to set an example of prosperity and development to Gazans, who they hope will want the same for themselves and eventually overthrow Hamas.

But one foreign journalist who has just returned from Gaza, told me: “There is more stability and security today in Gaza under Hamas than in the West Bank under the Palestinian Authority.”

Critics of the PA inside the West Bank believe that their security apparatuses have become Israeli proxies, protecting Israel from the Palestinian armed struggle and not the other way around.

Palestinian and international human rights organizations have accused the PA security apparatuses of corruption, torture and human rights abuses, both in Gaza and the West Bank.

There are to much cash on the West Bank nowadays. An to much cash. Even in Gaza, there is a lull.

Ahmad is a young history teacher and a former member of Hamas who lives in the West Bank. He admits that he carried arms and fought alongside fighters from Fatah during the second intifada. He consequently spent two years in Israeli prisons.
But lately it has been the PA security forces who he says have arrested, questioned and tortured him. He has been accused of hiding weapons. Something he categorically denies.

Source: al-Jazeera.

My Comment:

Everything was better before. When Azzam Al-Ahmad, was fighting along Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh.

Sometimes you have to watch Islam-TV to get the balanced truth.

Because American TV-stations like CNN is full off political deception from Washington, and the BBC have turned into a PR-department for the “peace now” movement.

But not the Arabic TV canal al-Jazeera.

They want more Jihad. The storyline is that the Arab Palestinians have corrupted them self with “aid” from Europe and US.

We have to understand, that Its not enough to give an Arab Palestinians cash, to give him a future. There is no future for the religion of Islam, as long as there is a Jewish state in her midst.

The cash must obviously not be used to build more cafe’s and jobs for the local Muslims in Ramallah. The US “aid” must be used to purchase more firearms to be used against Israel.

This is logic of the conflict. Both Washington and London has lost the mark. When their cash is over, the War returns.

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