Yale professor: Obama wants to revoke the state of Israel

“Obama has decided that America must make its peace with Iran”.

“He has attracted liberal Jewish supporters, some with great wealth. His intention is to correct the historical mistake of the creation of the state of Israel”.

Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein, Yale University

I found this video by reading Nugget Net Newsline.

4 thoughts on “Yale professor: Obama wants to revoke the state of Israel

  1. Everybody knows Israel is facing disbandment. The hard part is getting trigger-happy Israelis to understand that its nothing you can bomb your way out of.

    1. Dear Matt.


      Thanks for keeping the debate clean of bad words and racist attacks.

      In the Bible there are two major spiritual forces. God our Father, and Satan. Their plans are always the radical opposite.

      While the Bible says God will regather and settle the Jews in their ancient homeland, Satan has always worked hard to get rid of the Jews. What you see now, is the final war coming. Not on Israel, but a war on the Word of God. Many “liberal” Jews has joined this fight, ending up on the wrong side.

      Israel the man (Jacob), Israel the people, and Israel the nation, are just tools in God our Fathers hand. They are used in His bid, to open our eyes, and see the first and second coming of His Son, Jesus the Messiah. He is eternal life. Most people have made Satan their father, often unknowingly submitting to his plans. Simply by refusing to obey the commands of God of the Bible. That will be their doom, and eternal pain and agony.

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