Palestinian Munich Olympic terrorist honored as hero in Damascus

The Palestinian militant who masterminded the deadly assault on Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics died in Syria on Saturday, Palestinian officials said.

This man planned a slaughter of Jewish sportsmen, and is considered a hero of Islam.

Mohammed Daoud Odeh, also known as Abu Daoud, died in Andalus Hospital in Damascus after suffering kidney failure. He was 73.

A former leader of the Black September Palestinian guerrilla group, Abu Daoud said he planned the Munich hostage-taking in which 11 Israelis died.

But Abu Daoud, who did not take part in the attack, said he was not directly responsible for the deaths.

“I didn’t kill anybody and I didn’t order anybody’s killing,” Abu Daoud told Reuters 1999 after publishing memoirs in which he boasted of planning the abduction.

Isralei sportsmen, victims of Islamic terrorism in the name of a "Palestinian" people.

He was buried on Saturday at the Martyrs Cemetery in Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp near Damascus. His funeral was attended by officials from various Palestinian groups, including President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction.

On September 5, 1972, eight Black September gunmen scaled the perimeter fence surrounding the Olympic athletes’ village, their weapons concealed in sports bags amid relaxed security.

This is how an Islamic "freedom fighter" will look like, when He comes to your house. Just like they looked in Munich 1972.

Within 24 hours, 11 Israelis, five Palestinians and a German policeman were dead after a standoff and subsequent rescue effort erupted into gunfire.

Abu Daoud said in his book the guerrillas killed two Israelis at the start of the operation because they resisted as the commandos stormed their Olympic quarters.

Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir then upset the guerrillas’ plans, rejecting their offer to free the hostages in exchange for the release of 236 Palestinians held by Israel.

Then, Abu Daoud said, German police went back on their word, opening fire on the guerrillas and their hostages at the airport after promising to let them leave. When the smoke cleared, nine hostages and five guerrillas were dead on the tarmac.

He said he regretted that Palestinians had resorted to violence because the killings backfired, creating a public outcry rather than sympathy for the Palestinian cause.

After the publication of his book Israel refused to allow Abu Daoud entry into Palestinian self-ruled areas of the West Bank from Jordan, a decision he disputed.

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, considered a hero in Washington and Damascus. He came to the funeral.

“The (Israeli) decision to bar my return is linked to an event that has happened 27 years ago, the Munich operation, which we considered a legitimate struggle against the enemy we were fighting,” he told Reuters in Amman.

Source: Reuters.

My comment:

Radical Muslims worldwide claim the Munich operation, is a part of the legitimate struggle against the enemy they are fighting.

When you have a disagreement, you feel its fine to blow up the neighbors house?

What about attacking the World Cup final in South Africa, and kill as many of the players ads you can?

Surely, the fight in the World is about right and wrong, good and evil.

When the World had allowed the formation of the Nazi-party in Germany, its was but natural to honor Hitler at the Summer Olympic games in Berlin in 1936.

The consequences of such a recognition of the Nazi-regime, was going to bring an apocalyptic disaster up on the whole World.

Islam was invented in 620 A.D, and the Koran is full of Jihad verses, a call to kill and cripple people who do not want to submit to the message of Muhammad.

Today, this evil is globally recognized as a “religion of peace”, and Islam’s struggle to bring al-Quds (Jerusalem) under their control is widely supported in European capitals.

Can you see the mistakes of the World War II repeating it self, in today’s Middle East?

When the genie in the bottle is released, its impossible to put her back in the bottle.  Death and devastation will follow.

What will be the fate of Damascus, an epic center of Islamic violence and sponsorship of Islamic terrorism?

Lets see what the Bible says.

Isaiah 17:1
[ An Oracle Against Damascus ] An oracle concerning Damascus: “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins.

5 thoughts on “Palestinian Munich Olympic terrorist honored as hero in Damascus

  1. I will never forget this as long as I live. I remember watching it on the news during the coverage of the Olympics. One of the many reasons I know that what I read in the news these days is biased against Israel, and that much of what we hear from the Palestinian side is nothing but lies.

    1. Dear Kathleen.

      Shalom, and welcome back with an important comment.

      It is true, that the Arab Palestinians do not have Israel’s best in mind, for the so called “peace process”. Today there is a de facto peace in the region, because of a strong Israel. When she is weakened, the Arabs will plan for the final war.

      What Abbas just did in Damascus, display’s what he has in his heart. Hate towards the Jews, and commitment to more Islamic violence to honor Muhammad and Allah.

      The real tragedy, is that democratic leaders overlook Mahmoud Abbas’s honoring Islamic terrorists, feeding him with hundred of millions of US dollars. We who follow Jesus, know that the devil has blinded their eyes.

  2. every one know that israel the illeigal son of usa.and they captured the land of arabia.they illigly present.and palastine people only live in all over citys of israel but they cant now .how to explain to what meaning you are tourist in your land.

    1. Amin,

      The Word of God is the truth, and Israel was never the land of Arabia. The Israel people are there because that is God’s given land.

      I suggest you read from the Word of God and repent from this falsehood.


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