GOD-TV off the air on rrsat

Monday morning, God-TV  is still off the TV-sets in India. Three days has passed.

The web live transmission of God.tv was still online on my broadband network.

The Charismatic canal was replaced by advertisement for the Israel Satellite network RRsat, who transmit their signals. Just a week ago, the canal asked their viewers for five million USD in urgent funds.

Did they managed to pay their bills?

No news available from any media. Is God-TV still on your TV-network?

Sunday morning has come, and the RRsat video is still rolling on my TV.

8 thoughts on “GOD-TV off the air on rrsat

  1. Ours is off as well. It’s now Thursday (the 8th of July) has anybody heard anything about what might have happened to the satellite?

    1. Dear Jessens


      Than we know that God-TV did not only ditched their sponsors in India, but also in Thailand. The outpouring did stop both in South Asia and in South East Asia.

      Today, this TV-channel was back on TV-sets in India. In spiritual implications of this i hope, is that people finally will stop sending money to this TV-project, and let the prosperity teachers pay from their own bank accounts.

  2. We’re still not getting it over here. I just wish we could find out why we’re not getting it and if it will be back on.
    Thanks for the info

    1. Dear Jessens.


      Its not a surprise that I am not a fan and supporter of God-TV. I do say as Paul, that as long as Jesus is preaches, I rejoice. But lest it is Jesus the Messiah from Nazareth that they preach.

      When I switch on God-TV this afternoon, Andrew Wommack was back on. He was in Krakov, Poland. And the TV-anchor had the following message, as we saw the camera displaying the image of the late Polish Pope, John Paul II on a Polish wall.

      “He was one of the most faithful and godly Catholic leaders ever”

      Do I need to say more…..

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for your reply, we have our few favourite programs but like you we do not embrace every preacher they show. It is these programs that we miss.

    1. Dear Jessens

      Shalom, and thanks for this reply.

      I feel this is the key to the problem.

      Would you have the same attitude to the messages inside your own fellowship of Church?

      I guess that would make it a cult or a club?

      Why do the Christian World close their ear’s and hope for the best?

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