Former Norwegian “peace builder” serves as Ambassador in the Vatican

Be aware of Rolf Trolle Andersen. The former Norwegian “peace builder” in the Middle East, is now serving as an Ambassador in the Vatican.

Rolf Trolle Andersen.

Norway is one of the 170 nations that have ratified the Roman Catholic statehood in the Vatican. And the present diplomat Rolf Trolle Andersen is the Norwegian Ambassador to the Papal state.

It interesting to see the movement of this employee of the Foreign Ministry of Norway.

From 1994 to 1997, He was central in the “peace process” in the Middle East, building Oslo-accord inspired institutions inside Israel to undermine the Jewish state.

In 2004 He was appointed the head of staff at the Norwegian Castle of the King of Norway in Oslo.

29th of March 2009, Trolle Andersen left the King of Norway, to serve the Papal system. As the Norwegian Ambassador to the Vatican.

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