Pope supports Cardinal who claims sex abuse is “petty gossips”

The heated debate behind closed doors, ended with the Pope taking the side of Cardinal who calls accusations against sexual abusive priests “petty gossips.”

Lets stand united, the Pope tells Cardinal Agnelo Sodano.


When men who dress up in frocks fight, you better ran for cover. That was what happened inside the Vatican on Monday.  The Archbishop of Austria, Cardinal Christoph Schonborn, rebuked Cardinal Angelo Sodano in front of the Pope.

According to the Catholic News Service, Schonborn, a former student of the pope, had said that Cardinal Angelo Sodano had blocked an investigation of sexual abuse charges against a former archbishop of Vienna. Sodano was the Vatican’s secretary of state at the time.

The Pope rebukes his Austrian Cardinal, in a bid to keep reports on sex abuses internal matters in the Vatican.

The Austrian Cardinal also voiced his opinion on the Cardinal Sodano’s message prior to the pope’s Easter Mass address. Sodano had said the pontiff maintained the support of Catholics around the world “who do not let themselves be influenced by petty gossip.”

Schonborn said Sodano had offended victims of sexual abuse at the hands of priests by using the term “petty gossip.”

The pope firmly put Schonborn in his place Monday, according to a Vatican statement.

“It must be reiterated that, in the Church, when accusations are made against a cardinal, competency falls exclusively to the pope; other parties may have a consultative function, while always maintaining due respect for persons,” the statement said.

Source: CNN blog

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