EU brings Arab Palestinian commandos to East Jerusalem

A security firm of veterans of elite British units will provide instruction to 80 Palestinian security guards to be deployed in East Jerusalem.

US General Dayton's forces in Ramallah might one day reoccupy streets in East Jerusalem.

“Saladin Security” worked with the Contras in Nicaragua. Now the European Union is planning to give the firm the task of providing 80 Arab Palestinian commandos to secure EU offices in East Jerusalem.

The new Palestinian unit will be tasked with securing European Union facilities in the eastern part of the capital and maintaining order in the area.

The project has been arranged by the EU, which intends to train the Palestinians to serve as a highly skilled police force to maintain the order in Arab areas in Jerusalem, and later on across the Palestinian Authority.

Saladin Security, which was established in 1978, provides training and security services in dozens of countries and was set up by veterans of the elite SAS unit.

Saladin, or in its previous name, KMS, has already been entrusted with some controversial operations in the past. Among other things, its members trained the Islamic rebels fighting the Soviet occupation in Afghanistan. The Muslim fighters trained by the company eventually managed to take over in Kabul.

Elsewhere, in 1984 Saladin was hired for the purpose of carrying out sabotage acts in Nicaragua, as part of secret US support for the anti-Communist Contras. Later on, the US Congress banned direct aid to the Contras.

Head of EU foreign policies, Baroness Catherine Ashton.

At this time, Saladin prepares to embark on its latest mission, in Israel. The EU already submitted a request to Israel for gun permits to be issued to the former British troops who will be training future Palestinian combatants.

A senior European intelligence official expressed his surprise at Israel’s willingness to allow Saladin to operate in Israeli territory. Meanwhile, the IDF, Justice Ministry, Prime Minister’s Office, and Israel Police said they were unfamiliar with the issue, or alternately suggested to refer questions to other officials.

Meanwhile, the EU confirmed that Saladin Security has been selected “to provide security protection services.”


My comment:

What five Arab wars was not able to to, will now be completed by The European Union. To bring Arab soldiers on duty back into Jerusalem.

Israel won the wars, but seems to loose the “peace process”.

I guess the European Union would not have approved of any foreign security agency, placing Israeli soldiers on patrol in parts of Brussels?

So why cant the EU use IDF soldiers to guard their buildings in the capital of Israel?

Again we see an attack on the sovereign state of Israel. It looks like the Netanyahu government has places it self under administration of foreign ministers in London, Brussels and Washington.

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