Blair to push Israel towards the Mediterranean sea

David, why did you let Tony Blair off the hock?

David: You should have made your conversation with Tony Blair a little bit less comfortable.

Sometimes you just missed a golden opportunity. But to often its just bad journalism.

David Horowitz is the Editor in chief of Jerusalem Post. This weekend, he had the chance to ask Tony Blair some serious questions. Like:

– Do you know the distance from number 10 Downing Street, to Wimbledon in South London?

It takes 20 minuets to drive from Central London to Wimbledon on a nice blue day.

The correct answer is:

Approximately the same distance as from the western point of the so called “West Bank”, to the Mediterranean sea.

Just go an measure the distance from the city of Netanya, north of Tel Aviv.

The distance is 15 kilometers.

How do you defend a nation, that is just 15 kilometers wide?

David Horowitz topped his article about Blair with some funny lines about Coriander and Kassams. Than he let Tony Blair end the article, with what should have been the start of the conversation.

– What is “the ground that you (Israel) can defend most easily”?

Because Blair is of the opinion, that Islam and Arab nations is right in their demands of the Jewish people moving back behind the cease fire lines, prior to the 1967 war. It is called “the two-state-solution”.

These border lines never brought peace to the Middle East. The PLO was formed in 1964 to overrun these borders, and force the Jews towards the blue sea behind them. This Islamic “peace plan” is what Blair believe in the right way.

Lets read the end of the article in Jerusalem Post:

How troubled are you, and how troubled should we be, about the demonization and delegitimization of Israel?

(Blair answering)

It does trouble me because I think that the security of Israel is a fundamental part of our security too, in countries like mine.

The lesson is to take the ground that is always justifiable. And there is ground that is justifiable. That’s why the policy we’ve now articulated on Gaza is a sensible policy. I, as a friend of Israel, can go out and justify this policy. As you put it in your paper, ‘Coriander, yes; Kassams, no.’ I can justify that policy.

What I found hard to justify was ‘Coriander, no.’ There is a constant battle here [against delegitimization] that anyone in Israel is well aware of. That’s why the smart thing is always to be on the ground that you can defend most easily…..?????????

Source: Jerusalem Post.

One thought on “Blair to push Israel towards the Mediterranean sea

  1. And every nation shall come against Israel and while this sounds horrendous, it has it’s upside and that is;all will go down at once!
    What? Think they not that The God of Israel will be away talking with obama and asking his favor or Tony Blair to seek justification or perhaps resting? OH No, Not our Almighty and Most High Father God. He never sleeps nor slumbers! His Arm is Not shortened and He is not man that He should lie. He has said and there it is established from everlasting to everlasting that Israel The Nation, HIS Nation, HIS Land, HIS People He will NEVER leave unprotected and HE HIMSELF will defend Israel and no devil in hell and no power on earth will stop HIM!
    May the enemies hands wither before their eyes and their legs turn to rubber. May their mouths be shut and their eyes blinded, their ears closed and their minds confused! There is no god like JEHOVAH! Absolute in all Power and Authority Amen!

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