Barry Rubin: “Cash to Hamas is like sending cash to Vietcong in North Vietnam”

Sending a cheque of 200 million USD to Hamas, is like sending the same amount of “aid” to the Vietcong during the Vietnam war.

One of the Police commanders in Saigon, execute a Vietcong guerrilla in 1968.

Barry Rubin is tired of US President Obama. In a featured OP Eds in Jerusalem Post, the Israeli director and Middle East expert, says bluntly that Obama is making a huge mistake. And in my reading of Rubins message:

Obama is a traitor of both the American and Israeli people.

Rubin reacts to Obama forcing the Israeli Government to legalize Hamas, by opening up for free trade over the Gaza border.

“This abdication of strategy and politics would be like the US making a commitment to help the people of North Vietnam during the Vietnam War or North Korea during the Korean War by pouring in money and goods unconditionally, saying this would help lead to a moderate unified state”

Rubin also react sternly to Obama’s demand for changes in Israeli policies towards the Hamas regime in Gaza.

“One would expect the words “unsustainable” and “demands fundamental change” to mean the president demands the overthrow of the Hamas regime. In fact, it signifies the exact opposite: He demands that regime’s stabilization”.

“Don’t those who govern the Gaza Strip as a dictatorship (an anti-Semitic, anti-American, terrorist, revolutionary Islamist, would-be genocidal, Christian-expelling, women-repressing and allied to Iran dictatorship at that) matter one bit?

Source: Barry Rubin in Jerusalem Post

The writer is director of the Global Research in International Affairs Center and editor of Middle East Review of International Affairs and Turkish Studies. He blogs at

My comment:

US President Obama wants to stabilize the Hamas-regime.  To send “aid” to the Islamic Jihad movement, is like offering Hitler aid to the bruised people of Berlin in November 1944.

To make peace with Hitler, that is what President Obama had done if He had been the US Commander in Chief during World War II.

The American people can only get rid of Obama by a popular vote in the next Presidential election. They better do that, to get rid of this curse they have placed on their own heads.

5 thoughts on “Barry Rubin: “Cash to Hamas is like sending cash to Vietcong in North Vietnam”

  1. America allowed the likes of obama as the culmination of all the crap they permitted and did not challenge or stop and the sin they embraced and participated in with no repentance. While their minds were on the pleasures of sin, their debt was rising. By the time bclinton got in to the office things had deteriorated so badly and of course there was no repentance and the 501c3 so called churches were already in league with the devil by pacts and treatise of the 501c3 farce and had been nearly shut down and void of truth since then. Now they are good little fed subjects and agents and it gets worse. There are no voices from these churches crying out against the enemy and and the evil works and that means certainly there is no repentance because of their pride and not wanting to admit their sins of ommission and betrayal. Money seems to be their downfall. GREED. where there is Greed there is no shame!Pitiful for those that will perish because of lack of knowledge of Father God because these so called churches have been muzzled willingly for many many years.Pray for the Peace of Israel and for those you know and love and care about and Please Pray for those that have no one to Pray for them or care about them. Share the truth of Father god through Christ Jesus Name that you can.

  2. You quote me at the top of your page as saying that President Obama would have sent aid to the Vietcong. I never ever wrote those words at all. I ask that you remove the quotation marks. I only wrote that sending aid to the Gaza Strip would be like sending aid to North Vietnam during the Vietnam war in the belief it would have brought peace and unification of a moderate state. People should visit our site to see what I actually wrote. Misquoting someone is a serious matter. Please remove this quote.

    1. Dear Barry

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      I will correct the article, and only quote what you have written. Please forgive me.

    2. Dear readers.

      I have to apologize to Barry Rubin for misquoting him in the title which include Obama and Vietcong.

      The title has now been corrected: – Barry Rubin: “Cash to Hamas is like sending cash to Vietcong in North Vietnam”

      All my faithful readers. Please forgive me.

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