UN Human rights adviser: “The US and Israel are monsters”

Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann embraced Ahmadinejad in 2008, and called Israel an “Apartheid state”. Now he is appointed adviser for the UN Human Rights Council

- My good friend Mahmoud form Iran. After the Islamic dictator telling the UN that he would "end" Zionism in Israel, Miquel D'Escoto Brockman embranced Ahmadinejad.

Nicaraguan ex-Sandinista Miguel d’Escoto is already abusing his new mandate as adviser to the UN Human Rights Council

On September 17, 2008, D’Escoto embraced President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad after the Iranian leader delivered a strongly anti-Israel and anti-Zionist speech to the UN General Assembly. In response, Professor Gabriela Shalev, Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, called D’Escoto an “Israel hater.”

As the Geneva-based non-governmental organization UN Watch warned last week, controversial ex-Sandinista Miguel d’Escoto is already abusing his new mandate as adviser to the UN Human Rights Council to promote divisive politics, pledging today on Colombian TV to use his UN podium specifically to target the U.S., which he compared to a “monster,” and Israel.

“A man who has eagerly sided with international criminals such as Iran’s Ahmadinejad and Sudan’s Al-Bashir has no credibility on human rights, and embodies precisely the inverted morality and debased political culture that currently reigns at the UN Human Rights Council, which just this week added Col. Qaddafi’s Libya as a member,” said UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer.

Source: UN Watch

My comment:

This man feels Ahmadinejad is a better protector of human rights, than democratic nations.

The United Nations (UN) is in principle a good idea. But in practical life, the organization is a disaster.

If the World only were a gathering of free and democratic states, the UN would be able to establish peace and promote co-existence between people of different races and cultures.

But since almost 100 nations are ruled by cruel and evil dictators, there is not much hope. United Nations has become their tool for doing evil.

I regards to the UN support for gangster states like Iran and Libya, and their constant condemnation of Israel, there is no hope that this forum with its HQ in New York, can be of any use for people who love the truth.

3 thoughts on “UN Human rights adviser: “The US and Israel are monsters”

  1. The useless nations has always been useless.Tell me helpful is a sect of people whose job it is to WATCH while men women and children are slaughtered?

    How helpful are the useless nations that openly refer to America as a democratic State when in FACT it is a REPUBLIC NATION?

    Tell me how helpful the useless nations which is nothing more than a hangout for satan worshipping and serving evil and vile pathetic worms that hate Freedom, hate Israel, Hate America and American Believers and hates all human life other than their own?

    Tell me how helpful the useless nations that hate Almighty God and Christ Jesus is to anyone? Then tell me WHY are their headquarters in NYC and these same useless nations not only support but push mosques and muslim shariah idiocy?

    Is it not for the sole purpose of depopulation and destruction of all that was good in America UNDER GOD and None Other? Anyone that will justify those evil things have more gall than brains!

  2. They are EXPOSED for the putrifying volture vomit they are!
    As irrelevant as they are they are still feeding off the bones of the dead and dying and when those run low, they implement more depopulation efforts!
    They continue to live high and think themselves elitists while in fact in the end they will feed off each other for there is no honor among thieves and murderers and destroyers. Never trust liars twice! NEVER!They continue to work behind the scenes like all low life criminal thugs do, In The Darkness They Are Best Suited For. Too bad for them that their ultimate end is not one of rule or honor or wealth but eternal and without remedy!

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