Belgium Police consider Catholic cardinals to be criminals

Cardinal Bertone: ‘No precedent even in communist regimes’ for Belgian police raid”

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone is the head of the Vatican statehood, gifted the Papal system by Facsist Italy.

On Saturday morning, Cardinal Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone stated that the way Belgian judicial and police forces carried out a raid on the retired Archbishop of Brussels and the archdiocese’s office had “no precedents even in communist regimes.”

Searching for dossiers on cases of pedophilia, the police went so far as to break open the tombs of Cardinals Jozef-Ernest Van Roey and Leon-Josephy Suenens with pneumatic hammers. The Belgian police also prevented bishops and others in a meeting at the archdiocesan offices from leaving the meeting room for nine hours.

Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone was asked for comment on the recent search of Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard’s offices in Mechelen.

He called the lockdown “a kidnapping, a grave and inconceivable fact,” according to L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican’s semi-official newspaper.

Cardinal Bertone looks after the political affairs for the Pope.

“There are no precedents even in communist regimes,” he said of the methods used during the search, which saw the authorities confiscate confidential files collected by the archdiocesan-sponsored commission investigating the matters.

Repeating the condemnation of the Church for acts of sexual abuse against minors, Cardinal Bertone expressed his regret that they were allowed neither food nor water during the entirety of the search.

Search:  Catholic News Agency (CNA).

My comment:

Who told these old men, who feel they are above the law, that they could investigate their own crimes?

Its high time that the Vatican is striped by its diplomatic immunity. The World has forgotten that it was the Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini that gave the Pope a state of his own in 1929.

In 1870, the Pope was ousted by a popular vote in the city of Rome. 59 years later, the Pontiff was brought back by the Fascists, and Roman Catholicism made state religion in Italy.

If it had not been for the rise of the Italian dictator, the Pope would have continued the exile, where he and his cardinals could do less harm.

If the Papal cover of legal immunity had been taken away with the fall of Fascism in Europe in 1945, hundreds of thousand of sexually abused children would have got the message before the crime took place.

Interpol should bypass the Catholic police in Italy, and raid the Vatican it self and conduct a proper investigation of the secret files.

3 thoughts on “Belgium Police consider Catholic cardinals to be criminals

  1. I agree and well said! The priests know about communism precedent they profited by it, the supported it and they have not changed!

  2. I recall them digging up Tindale’s body , burning him, then throwing the body in the river…..Who is calling the kettle black here?

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