TV-channel in Bahrain: Listen to the martyrs “Birds of Palestine”

“The channel has captured the hearts of millions of children”

This is a statement by Jordanian-Palestinian businessman Khaled Maqdad. In January 2008, he established a TV-station that began operating in Bahrain. The name of the station is: Birds of Paradise television channel.

This is what he said in a past interview with the al-Jazeera newspaper Al-Shuruq.

“The channel has captured the hearts of millions of children. It succeeds where the educational system has failed, such as multiplication table songs. It helps teachers work on it with the children.”

“This is a private low-budget project,” Maqdad said

The song, sung by young children on the Birds of Paradise television channel, includes the lyrics:

“When we die as shaheeds we’ll go to paradise. No, don’t say we’re young. This life has made us old. Without Palestine, what significance is there to our lives? Even if they give us the whole world, we’ll never forget her (Palestine).”


3 thoughts on “TV-channel in Bahrain: Listen to the martyrs “Birds of Palestine”

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