Egypt keeps border with Gaza closed on the third year. World blames Israel

The Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) organized massive demonstration at the Rafah border crossing on Thursday in solidarity with protesters who have been holding a sit-in on the other side of the border the last five days.

Hamas blew a whole in the Egyptian security fence in January 2008
Hamas blew a hole in the Egyptian security fence in January 2008

PRC spokesperson Abu Mujahid told reporters at the demonstration that the group is demanding that Egypt open the crossing unconditionally. He said the closure was a permanently. He said the crossing should be open, specifically, for medical patients, the injured, students, and for shipments of medicine and construction materials.

He also praised the international solidarity advocates sitting in on the opposite side of the border, some of whom are on hunger strike.

Twenty-six Egyptians and foreign nationals have been camped out at the crossing, including a handful of American activists who reportedly began a hunger strike on Tuesday afternoon.

The protest was initiated by four French activists, three Americans, two Egyptian journalists and an Italian. Another German woman, who is married to a Palestinian and Gaza, along with her six children, joined the protest seeking to support her husband.

On Monday, a Palestinian-Belgian man joined the protest carrying insulin for his daughter, sick with diabetes, who is living in Gaza; he has not seen her in years. A Palestinian-Swedish family of ten also joined the protest.

The Rafah crossing has been closed since Hamas took full control of Gaza in June 2007.

Israel shut its border crossings with the Gaza Strip on Tuesday in what response to a rocket attack a day earlier that further strained a ceasefire. Along its border with the Gaza Strip, Egypt opened the Rafah crossing on Tuesday for three days for the limited passage of people, such as Palestinians stranded in Egypt and Gazans seeking medical treatment abroad.

Source: Ma’an /Agencies

My comment:

«Two days ago, more than 40 humanitarian agencies including the United Nations have urged Israel to lift its crippling blockade of Gaza».

This is not my words, but a typical headline from global media. This one is from Australian ABC News.

What do you expect of global media. Its always Israel who is the culprit. Always. Despite that Hamas has fired more than 212 rockets into Israel after the «cease fire» that ended the Gaza war, Israel is expected to open the borders with Gaza.

Let me ask one question: How many rockets have Hamas fired south wards, into Egypt?

If the answer is none, you should ask your self why?

Egypt has kept its Rafah border crossing with Gaza closed since Hamas took control over Gaza in a bloody military operation.

Muslim against Muslim. But since its hate against the Jews and the Jewish nation that drives the Global media and so-called aid and humanitarian organization, they will not pay to much attention to Egypt. Neither will they tell the truth.

You might have forgotten, that Islamic terrorist blew up the border fence between Egypt and Gaza.

The Pope wants Israel to remove their security fence. But Rome does not speak much about Egypt.
The Pope wants Israel to remove their security fence. But Rome does not speak much about Egypt.

Why do Egypt feel the need to have such a fence? Should not leftists, the Pope of Rome and World Council of Churches (WCC) have demanded this fence to be «demolished», and Egypt be forced to stop being such an «Apartheid» state?

If Egypt feels the need to have such a fence to protect it self against Radical Islam, why should the World deny Israel ´s right to put up a similar fence?


Read more about Hamas who continues to fire rockets into Israel: Click here

First published: 20.06.09

5 thoughts on “Egypt keeps border with Gaza closed on the third year. World blames Israel

  1. “Hamas blew a whole in the Egyptian security fence in January 2008”

    Check your spelling. That’s “hole,” not “whole.”

    Easy mistake to make.

  2. Dear Eric and other readers.

    Can you see my mistake anymore?

    This was a Biblical way of correcting me, in love. Erick could have ridicule me, laughed at me, or called me a fool.

    He choose loving words. «easy mistake to make».

    We all make mistakes, most of us every day.

    Lets all keep on correcting each other in this manner.

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