The Norwegian head of the moral resignation of Europe

Thorbjørn Jagland called the Council of Europe to condemn Israel for defending her self against terrorists on the “Gaza flotilla”.

Thorbjørn Jagland feels Israel is the bad guy, and Muslims in Turkey are good protectors of human rights, freedom and liberty.

Jagland is a former Prime Minister of Norway, the President of the Norwegian Parliament, and the head of the Nobel Price committee that gave Obama the Peace price.

During the season on the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, their Secretary General Jagland sided with the Turkish delegation. Unlike in the European Union, Turkey has a voice in this political forum.

The Norwegian called the council to condemn Israel for the attack on the “aid flotilla”, and asked the European politicians to support the Turkish demand for an International enquiry into the flotilla affair.

Yohanan Plesner

The Israeli delegation was led by Kadima MK Yohanan Plesner, who worked from Tuesday in a bid to soften the “Jagland resolution” the European organization planned to pass. Plesner noted that the final resolution had not established a probe to investigate the raid and had praised Israel’s efforts to reduce the blockade.

The Council of Europe is an inter-parliamentary group consisting of over 500 delegates representing 50 European countries. Israel has held observer status for decades at the council, which Plesner said usually focuses on issues concerning the advancement of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law.

The council is currently holding its summer session, and for the first time ever, the council’s president is a member of the Turkish delegation – a fact that, this summer, has serious implications for Israel.

“The Turks are opening another front against Israel – this time in Strasbourg, at the Council of Europe,” complained Plesner.

“On Monday, they revealed – by surprise – that they wanted to hold a chain of emergency hearings on the flotilla and Gaza. The current president said in an interview with a Turkish newspaper that he wants the Council of Europe to exercise its authority to establish an international probe into the Gaza flotilla.”

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My comment:

Thorbjørn Jagland reached his level of incompetence, long time before he became leader of the Labor Party in Norway, and later  the head of state.

The Council of Europe is suppose to fight for democracy, liberty and freedom. Still Jagland stood by the enemies of all these values, in their fight against the only nation in the Middle East, that has built a society on these values.

Jagland is a disgrace for Norway. Unfortunately, he never understood when it was time to throw in his papers.

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