No more sovereign borders around Israel

The Israeli Government is considering letting EU inspectors at its crossings into Gaza. Obama demands free trade movement between Gaza and the West Bank.

Ehud Barak trusts Obama. He has allowed the wolf into the flock of Jewish sheep. Tzipi Livni is their desired Prime Minister of a colonial province called "Israel".

Following the Israeli government’s announcement of an end of the Economical sanctions on Hamas, the White House declared:

“We will work with Israel, the Palestinian Authority, the Quartet and other international partners to ensure these arrangements are implemented as quickly and effectively as possible and to explore additional ways to improve the situation in Gaza, including greater freedom of movement and commerce between Gaza and the West Bank.”

In plain English: That means that the administration doesn’t trust Israel. It will escalate its pressure on Israel by among other things, pressuring it to provide members of the illegal Hamas regime in Gaza greater access to Judea and Samaria.

AS IF anticipating its next capitulation, government spokesmen told the media that in addition to ending economic sanctions on Gaza, Israel is now considering permitting the EU to station inspectors at its land crossings into Gaza. That is, Israel is considering a move that will constitute a first step towards surrendering its sovereign control over its borders.

The economic sanctions the government is now canceling were not simply legal, they were required by international law. Binding UN Security Council resolution 1373 requires states and non-state actors to deny support of any kind to terrorist organizations. And here, in a bid to win international “legitimacy” for its lawful blockade of Gaza, Israel has bowed to US pressure to unlawfully facilitate the economic prosperity of an area controlled by an illegal terrorist organization.

There is something pathetic about the Prime Minister’s office’s protestations that by bowing to White House pressure the nations of the world will now accept our right to defend ourselves from an Iranian-controlled terrorist organization committed to the genocide of the Jewish people. After all, we have heard these hollow words many times before.

This notion that unilateral Israeli capitulation to terrorists would bring Israel international “legitimacy” is of course how former prime minister Ariel Sharon justified his strategically indefensible decision to cede Gaza – and the international border between Gaza and Egypt – to Palestinian terrorists.

Source: Caroline Glick, Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

The Obama government do not work for a regime change in Gaza, but rather blesses the Hamas military war on Israel with a free trade agreement.

After politically recognizing the neo-Nazi regime in Gaza, Obama has already started the work to enlarge their territory. Its called the plan of “including greater freedom of movement and commerce between Gaza and the West Bank.”

Blown away from the lips of every staff around President Obama, is a demand for Hamas and Fatah to recognize the state of Israel’s right to exist, the need for Radical Islam to renounce violence, and abide with past  United Nation resolutions.

Whet your are witnessing, my dear reader, is the start of the end to the independent state of Israel. The last “false peace” inside Israel, might take a different form, than many had expected. It might include a “perfectly safe” border control around Israel, where both the EU and the US will have a role to play.  The present Israeli Government is selling their Zionism for the price of a penny.

Both the EU and the US, has an increasingly vocal Muslim minority. In the name of religious tolerance, nether the EU and the US can deny having some of their Muslim watchmen at the borders of Zion.

Than we will be a huge step closer to the end of this age.

Luke 21:23
How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! There will be great distress in the land and wrath against this people.

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