Jewish protest and negative fans make Indian actor quit Hitler film

Indian Actor Anupam Kher chose to listen to his fans and other critics.

” Indeed Hitler was the architect of a World War and the man responsible for pogroms against the Jews. This can never be denied”.

These are the words of Anupam Kher, who was set to play Hitler in the movie “Dear Friend Hitler”. Reportedly Kher has dropped out of the production after criticism from his fans. Filming is scheduled to begin in August

According to media reports, the Indian Jewish Federation, headed by Jonathan Solomon, was outraged on learning that an Indian film director will be depicting how the tyrant ‘indirectly contributed to India’s independence’.

Actor Kehr (55) revealed that he was moved by the messages sent by people on the issue.

“I had taken up the role as I considered it a challenge, and after carefully monitoring the portrayal of the character. However, considering the ill-will that the project is generating among my fans. I wish to withdraw from it as I respect their sentiments,” Anupam told Indo-Asian News Service in an e-mail, the Times of London reported.

Read more about the controversial Indian movie:

7 thoughts on “Jewish protest and negative fans make Indian actor quit Hitler film

    1. Dear Greeky Fem

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      You are right. The good news, is that He changed his mind. To portray Hitler as loverboy with a good heart, would have tarnished the image of the Bollywood star.

    1. Dear Michelle


      Thanks for this comment.

      If we say Hitler was just a puppet, we make such men less dangerous. Its like saying that the Pope is just a puppet. The Bible says that Satan will manifest him self on Earth through his children. And we have to face them, and expose them.

      1. Dear Michelle.


        Thanks for debating with me, and making this an interesting topic for our readers to follow.

        Who has Hitler taking orders from?

        He was the commander in chief, and held the supreme powers of both the Nazi-party and the German state in his hands.

  1. Even if Hitler wasn’t taking orders, perhaps one of the main reasons why he is feared by Jews is because he was radically against Jew philosophy (Judocentrism), something that Jews are known to cling to, very eagerly. For example, “The golden rule to love the neighbour applies only to the neighbour who is a Jew.” Sure Hitler was dangerous… and continues to scare.

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