German minister intimidate Israel by trying to enter Gaza

Israel’s policy of forbidding senior foreign officials from entering Gaza still stands.  Egypt also have restrictions at the Rafah border crossing.

German minister Dirk Niebel tries to visit Hamas controlled Gaza through Israel.

Recently, Israel denied a request from Germany’s minister of economic cooperation and development Dirk Niebel to enter Gaza. Niebel was denied entry because Hams would use high profile visits to score “popularity points” and prove it was “legitimate and effectively running Gaza,” said one Foreign Ministry official.

“Anything that strengthens Hamas weakens the moderates,” said the official. Niebel was set to meet with Israeli deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon during his visit to Jerusalem on Monday.

Israel has recently turned down requests from the foreign ministers of France, Ireland and Turkey to visit Gaza via Israel. Egypt is also limiting entry through its Rafah border crossing with Gaza.


My comment:

Why do German Minister Dirk Niebel want to travel to Gaza through Israel?

He knows the Nazi-inspired ideology of Hamas, and that the terrorist organization has launched a war on Israel.

Why do the German Minister not approach the Egyptian Government, and apply for a VISA to the Gaza-strip?

I am sure the German minister is aware that Gaza is not an independent state, and that he needs to go through some kind of border check point?

Most Germans are not aware that Gaza was a part of Egypt from 1948 to 1967.  Israel has requested Egypt to again implement Gaza as a part of Egypt, but giving the Arabs that lives there some kind of self-rule.

Egypt has declined this, knowing that Israel than will held the Egyptian government accountable for every missiles fired into Israel.

Today, no one seems to have to pay for these missile attacks. In stead of being punished and removed from power, Hamas is honored by a German minister trying his best to come and bless them.

Dirk Niebel do not only lack a moral compass. He has lost track of Germanys past, and is a disgrace to all free nations in Europe.

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