Israel will have to fight “charity war” over the skies of Gaza

Turkey, Iran, Syria and Lebanon will soon demand an re opening of Gaza International Air port.

Aid by air from Saudi Arabia to Gaza is today routed through Ben-Gurion airport at Tel Aviv, for proper custom and border control.

Sooner or later a re opening of Gaza International airport will lead to an “aid assault” on Israel with charter flights and helicopters.

In the air, Israel can expect charter flights to take off from airports around the world with a few dozen kamikaze protesters who will force the IAF to shoot them down as they approach Israeli airspace.

Iran and its allies have found a weak chink in Israel’s armor. They will use it any way they can. Israel needs to quickly develop tactics and strategies for contending with this.

The airport in Gaza is at the extreme south end of Gaza.

In the days and weeks to come, Israel’s political and military leaders must move resolutely to prepare to withstand these new threats that have arisen in the aftermath of the Mavi Marmara episode.

To meet the expected deluge of suicide protesters on sea, land and air, Israel must immediately acquire non-lethal means to disperse these protests. This involves purchasing and producing tear gas, water cannons, rubber bullets and other non-lethal weaponry.

These non-lethal weapons must be rapidly distributed to IDF units deployed along the frontier with Gaza and to the navy. They must also be supplied to Israeli security teams tasked with protecting government installations worldwide.

Source: Column One, Jerusalem Post. Caroline Glick.

2 thoughts on “Israel will have to fight “charity war” over the skies of Gaza

  1. The map shows Jewish communities. After the Israel’s unilateral disengagement plan in 2005, Gaza is a no-go zone for Jews. This is only temporary because the whole area belongs to Eretz Israel proper qv. Gerar in the Torah.
    The airport will ultimately be controlled by the Israeli authorities, one way or another. If they have to make it inaccessible, then so be it.

    1. Dear Mike.


      I choose to show a map of Gaza, before this land was cleansed for Jews. The surrender of Gaza was a major mistake, and the World put pressure on Israel to send their own people to the mountains of Zion, where many of them still live below poverty lines. These Zionists lost all they had. The secular Israeli Government promised to re-fund them, and give them houses. The International community told them they had to be moved for the sake of World peace. It is a shame.

      Israel got poverty, and Radical Islam got a foothold, and soon to be a – statehood – just 50 kilometers south of Tel Aviv.

      Gaza International airport will be rebuilt, and it will be used to rearm Hamas. Just wait and watch. The United Nation will get in the cement needed, together with border inspectors from the EU.

      Israel could demobilize the airport, because of the bloody attacks on Israel during the 2nd intifada. This time the Islamic World will be much smarter. They will go through the “perfect peace” before the final onslaught on Israel will begin.

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