Arabs should fire missiles on Israel from all sides

“Palestinians should initiate rocket attacks on Israel from the West Bank”

Hamas official Mahmoud Zahar always speaks what his heart is full of. Hate towards Israel.

This is the latest “message of peace” from Hamas official Mahmoud Zahar. According to Army Radio,  Zahar said this in an interview on Sunday. His statement if quoted from the East Jerusalem newspaper Al Quds.

“Such launches should happen in the West Bank as well [as Gaza] is inevitable”, explained Zahar. He also stressed that Hamas would never change its policy, saying that the solution lies in “resistance.”

Source: Israeli daily Haaretz.

My comment:

Hamas’s 1988 charter calls for replacing the State of Israel with a Palestinian Islamic state  in the area that is now Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip.

There have been political statement from various senior Hamas official that the organization will accept a Jewish state. if it withdraws back to the 1967 cease fire lines, and accept Palestinian refugees the right to return to mainland Israel.

But the Hamas charter of 1988 has never been changed.

Several Israeli leaders have in principle accepted a two-state-solution. But such a Arab Palestinian state can not be comtrolled by Islamic terrorist organizations like Hamas.

Can you negotiate peace with people who do not accept your very right to exist?

Can you guarantee the state of Israel, that Hamas never will be able to take control over the West Bank, and the political seat in the Palestinian Authority?

If not, reflect on this and support Israel.

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