Turkey condemn Israeli “attacks” In Gaza, attacks Kurds inside Iraq

A Turkish air raid inside Iraq may have killed 100 Kurdish rebels. Commandos were used on the ground.

President Obama seems to be overlooking the Turkish war on its own Kurdish minority, and attacks on the Kurds in Northern Iraq. Left Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan.

Turkey’s military said Friday it killed as many as 120 Kurdish rebels in an air raid on rebel hideouts in northern Iraq last month and a daylong incursion by elite commandos into Iraq this week.

Kurdish rebels have dramatically stepped up attacks in Turkey in recent months in an escalation that poses a dire threat to a remarkable attempt at ending one of the world’s longest guerrilla wars.

Maj. Gen. Fahri Kir, the head of the military’s internal security operations, said another 30 Kurdish rebels were killed inside Turkey since March in anti-rebel operations. He said the Turkish losses were 43 in the same period.

Source: AP

My comment:

Turkey is at war with its own Kurdish minority.

It is a total disgrace that NATO-member Turkey keep on attacking its own Kurdish minority in the South Eastern parts of Turkey.

When Ankara says they are rooting out terrorists, they seems to forget that the Kurdish people have helped NATO to end Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq.

The men that are terrorists in the eyes of Turkey, are considered hero’s in the eyes of many Americans.

Can you see the irony.

While Turkey condemn Israel for entering Gaza to root out terrorists, and keeping strict border control, Turkey is having a similar war going on in their own back yard.

The hypocrisy of the Turkish Government has recently gone off limits.

What do the ethnic Kurdish people fighting for?

They want and independent Kurdistan. Their land is found in South Eastern parts of Turkey, border areas of Iran and Northern parts of Iraq.

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