Netanyahu forced to accept civil rule of Hamas in Gaza

Israel is no longer permitted by the US to work for regime change in Gaza.

Benjamin Netanyahu was forced by Tony Blair to accept the political and military rule of Hamas in Gaza.

The Islamic terrorist organization is finally accepted as a legitimate government of Gaza. This is the result of the political pressure from Washington, executed by the head of the Quartet Tony Blair.

Israel can no longer block the rebuilding if infrastructure in Gaza, in a bid to weaken Hamas, and get the Radical Islamic regime removed.  Only products that can be used for weapons production can be banned. But even metal, cement and chemicals that can be used to build bunkers for launch of rockets, will have be be allowed into the Gaza-strip.

Tony Blair is happy that he could do something to help Hamas rule in Gaza.

Tony Blair had this comment on BBC, this morning.
– We have reached a deal that will make it possible for Israel to get proper security. We will also now see the improvement of the living condition in Gaza.

The rebuilding of terrorist infrastructure in Gaza, will now be done with the supervision of United Nations.  The International community will soon force Israel to accept the building of a proper sea port in Gaza, and the rebuilding of Gaza International Airport. Than the World have achieved the formation of a terrorist nation, not seen since the rise of Nazi-Germany.

Hamas share the same ideology of Jew-hate as the former republic of Germany. Their leader Adolf Hitler was responsible for the Holocaust, where six million Jews faced genocide, slaughtered insider bunkers, make of cement, metal and various chemicals.

Source: Multiple media.

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