Yahoo has divided Jerusalem while city deleted by Russian TV

Yahoo has separated West Jerusalem from East Jerusalem. The Russian TV network RT has an ongoing policy of not even acknowledging the city’s existence.

Jerusalem is Mount Zion. And he flag of Israel is a sign of the Jews Biblical home coming.

Week end comment

By Mike Adams

In May there were many iPhone users that noticed that something was awry with their pre-installed weather application. The data for Jerusalem, as supplied by Yahoo, simply stopped updating. The system hadn’t been tampered with, though. A new search for Israel’s capital gave users a choice between West Jerusalem in Israel and East Jerusalem located in Judea and Samaria.

Yahoo takes its data from the Weather Channel’s own fixed location weather stations. Even for Palestinian Arab cities in Judea and Samaria, the nearest weather station is located in Jerusalem. Yahoo, however, had of its own accord created the new East Jerusalem location.

The California-based multinational internet corporation has started playing around with politics in the Middle East. Unilaterally dividing Jerusalem is one of those assignments that the Quartet’s Tony Blair would like to preside over without any meddling from American media freaks.

Yahoo’s amateurish attempt at delegitimising Israel’s right to an indivisible capital city didn’t get them far. Within weeks they, through pressure from Honest Reporting and a publication by Dr Andre Oboler, the Director of the Community Internet Engagement Project at the Zionist Federation of Australia, had to revert back to presenting the weather for Jerusalem as one city. And anyway, there was absolutely no point in the exercise. It’s just as hot on the east side of town as it is on the west side. I know for I’ve been there.

Yahoo should not be let off the hook for toying with foreign policy. They’re completely out of their league here.

But we shouldn’t be surprised that Yahoo will explore ways it can create wildcat marketing opportunities. They say as much on their own website. Under the tab “Our Company Values” we observe the following: “We encourage the best ideas to surface from anywhere within the organization […] We seek the innovations and ideas that can change the world. We anticipate market trends and move quickly to embrace them. We are not afraid to take informed, responsible risk […] We applaud irreverence and don’t take ourselves too seriously”.

The “best ideas” obviously include bashing Israel, not through psychological warfare, but something somewhat more subtle – linguistic acrobatics. Propaganda is duly all part and parcel of “ideas that can change the world”. Say a word enough times it becomes a part of you, or worse still, it becomes you. Yahoo wants to brainwash a whole generation of smart phone users to make them believe that Jerusalem is de facto a divided city like Berlin was in the past. If the Jerusalem gimmick was an “informed, responsible risk”, it certainly backfired – this time around. There’s no telling if the smarty pants at Yahoo will have another go so as to continue to “applaud irreverence” which obviously is one of their core values. I would personally boycott Yahoo on that ground alone. Luckily there are other serious Internet providers to choose between – for the time being.

When it comes to international TV networks that relay news and weather around the clock, there are quite a few to choose between that provide the consumer with up to the minute news. One of those players is RT, launched in December 2005, a global multilingual television news network based in Russia. Spurning links to the authorities the country’s governmental media watchdog representative, Mikhail Seslavinskii, has stated that RT has an independent editorial office through a completely autonomous non-profit corporation. But it’s also plain to see that RT presents the Russian take on news and views from Russia itself and the post-Soviet states. They also make subtle political statements in their weather reports.

Recently they upgraded their graphical presentation of the weather outlook for the world’s capitals and some other major cities. Before, there were lists flipping on the screen. Now, the satellite camera skims over the globe showing animated icons. When hovering over the Middle East, there’s a remarkable anomaly.  It looks as if Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel. Jerusalem is nowhere to be seen. And never has been. The producer down at RT is either making some kind of non-diplomatic statement where you only get to see cities with Russian embassies and consulates or the guy is deliberately misrepresenting and anonymising the eternal capital of the Jewish state. What folly on the part of RT.

Russia is one fourth of the Quartet. When the big four have established East Jerusalem as an International Zone, then I think that even RT will grace us with what the weather’s doing in the skies above the City of David. At that future moment in time, Yahoo and all the other Internet providers will, as a matter of fact, have received legitimacy for the double Jerusalem app.

The Messiah will one day come with the clouds of heaven to reunite Yerushalayim to what it was meant to be, and that is the holy capital of the world millennial kingdom.

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