Egypt refuse to help Israel in ongoing “charity war” with Iran

International law gives Iranian “aid ships” for Gaza the right to sail through the Suez canal.

For what do Israel need enemies, when she has "friends" like these?

The Cairo newspaper A-Dar reported on Friday that Israel has formally approached Egypt with a request  to prevent aid ships from Iran from reaching Gaza by blocking their passage through the Suez Canal.

Egypt has refused, insisting the request “contradicts the law.” A Kuwaiti paper adds that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak presented the request to Egyptian Intelligence chief Omar Suleiman, contending that Iran is using the ships to aid Hamas so it can undermine Egypt.

Cairo has responded that international law does not allow it to block the passage of any ship through the canal unless it is a ship belonging to a state that is at war with Egypt.  That is not the case with Iran.

Egyptians officials further explained that they are not able to stand against the intent of Arab states, the Muslim world and international organizations to provide aid to Gaza and to lift the Israeli arms blockade.

[Editor’s note: Egypt has imposed it own blockade on Gaza ].

Egypt has also already approved entry permits to Gaza for hundreds of Iranians that will accompany the aid ships. Facts regarding the Iranian flotilla to Gaza are vague and it is still unclear whether the ships have indeed already set sail, as Iranian state radio reported this week.


My comment:

Israel has banked on the Egyptian’s fear of Iran, to keep the balance of power among her enemies.

This strategic asset for Israel, seems to have seen better days. Help from Egypt will not be a part of the future.

The wheel of the Global onslaught to get rid of the Jewish state have been rolling for some time.  When Egypt now washes her hands of Israel, there are very few friends left where Israel can seek shelter.

As the Bible says. This time, there will be only One who will hear their groaning and desperate shouts for help. God of Israel and His Messiah Jesus of Nazareth are listening.

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