London called Berlin ambassador home 26th of August 1939.

As late as August 19th 1939, the British ambassador in Berlin asked for an urgent meeting with Baron von Weizsaecker, the Reich Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs.

British Ambassador to Berlin in 1939, Sir Nevil Henderson

The British Ambassador in Berlin, Sir Nevile Henderson, was a convinced student of the British Prime Minster Neville Chamberlaine. They both believed that  Adolf Hitler could be controlled and pushed toward peace and cooperation with the Western powers.

The British newspaper The Telegraph recorded on 19th of August, 1939:

“Our Berlin Correspondent states that both Sir Nevile and the French Ambassador, M. Coulondre, have stressed at the German Foreign Office, in the past few days, the determination of Britain and France to fulfill their guarantees of help to Poland in the event of aggression”.

“In both Berlin and Warsaw the conviction is growing that a position is being reached in the German-Polish dispute from which it will be difficult for Germany to retreat”.

“It was reported in Warsaw yesterday that 50,000 German troops have arrived on the frontier between Poland and the Protectorate of Moravia and Bohemia”.

(end ot newspaper article)

Two weeks before the German invasion of Poland, the British Government did not have a correct picture of what was going on in Berlin. In a similar way, the Western Governments seems to have no clue of what the Islamic nations are preparing in regards to the state of Israel.

Another Pan-Islamic war is now being planed to destroy the Jewish state.

Source: The Telegraph. UK.

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