Lebanon to launch Islamic “charity war” on Israel to free Hamas

Israeli Navy is put on high alert.  Lebanon risk war with Israel, if Islamic “Charity workers”  tries to enter Gaza from Lebanese sea ports.

These Hamas "aid workers" waits for more charity from the West. In between they might blow up a couple of Mosques, and kill some of their moderate Muslim brethren.

While the IDF continued Wednesday to track the Iranian ships en route to the Gaza Strip, the Navy was put on high alert amid fears that another flotilla would be launched from Lebanon, leaving – due to the short distance – little time to stop it.

A cargo ship left Iran earlier this week and is expected to try and break the Israeli-imposed siege on Gaza as early as the weekend. The International Red Cross distanced itself from the Iranian flotilla, which is reportedly being organized by the Iranian Red Crescent, and Islamic copy of Red Cross.

Another ship is scheduled to join at the beginning of next week. The IDF is closely tracking the ships but is particularly concerned about the possibility that a number of ships will set sail from Lebanon, possibly even with Hizbullah operatives aboard.

“There is not a lot of time to stop fast ships that come from Lebanon,” an IDF officer explained, “Practically, it means that the Navy has to be on high alert around the clock.”

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

Islamic suiicide bomber wana-bees, in victory parade in Gaza, waiting for more charity.

Israel is rapidly getting more isolated.

The Government in Jerusalem now faces the final moment of decision: To stand up and fight, or accept the “peace plan” promoted by China, Russia, United Nation, United States, The European Union, The Pope, World Council of Churches, and the Arab League.

What would you have done?

If Israel choses “peace”, very soon the man of lawlessness is going to move into Jerusalem.  A man of “peace”, that will perform miracles and wonders.

Behold, the World will welcome him as god, their savior. The final anti-Messiah has arrived. The Bible calls him anti-Christ.

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