We are approching the Gog and Magog scenario around Israel

Rumors and speculation are flying all over cyberspace about the possibility of war this summer between Israel and one or more of her enemies.

If there is a Gog and Magog war soon, these gentlemen and a lady will probably end up on the wrong side, supporting the wrong "god".


By Aaron in Jerusalem.

Some well respected Christian leaders, as well as some prominent rabbis in Israel, have said that this could be the “Gog Magog” war prophesied about in Ezekiel 38-39.

The recent controversy surrounding Israel’s interception at sea of a convoy of ships attempting to break the naval blockade of the Gaza Strip and the threat by Iran, Turkey and others to continue sending ships to attempt to break the blockade has heightened tensions which were already high.

Israel could, theoretically be at war as early as next week, when two ships are scheduled to be dispatched from Iran to try and break the blockade of Gaza.  If violence breaks out during any Israeli attempt to stop those ships (one is being dispatched from Istanbul Turkey along with a few others and the other is scheduled to approach from the South, where it might be prevented by Egypt from moving through the Suez Canal) then Iran might use that as an excuse to order Hizbullah and Hamas to attack Israel with rockets as Hizbullah did in the summer of 2006.

As I’ve said in this forum before, Israel faces a wide array of threats, most of them originating in Iran.  Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) arms, funds and trains Lebanese Hizbullah, Palestinian Hamas and Islamic Jhihad and is openly cooperating with Syria against Israel as well as encouraging Shiite populations in several US allied Arab countries all over the Middle East/North Africa.

They do this for religious as well as strategic reasons. Their leaders are convinced from their reading of the Koran that in order for the Human Race to be saved from Satan, Israel and the Jews must disappear. They believe that they have a mandate from heaven to do this.

You cannot negotiate or even have a rational conversation with people who think like this.  All you can do is pray for them, and for the Iranian people (including over 1 million believers) who are essentially hostages to a deranged government most of them don’t want but which they lack the power to change.

On top of all of that, Turkey is quickly moving into an anti-Western, Islamic stance that puts it into an alliance with Iran against Israel and the West. Until a few years ago, it was difficult to imagine that Turkey, which is mentioned prominently in the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy by its ancient name of Gomer, could participate in that end times prophetic alliance against Israel since modern, secular Turkey was such a close ally of Israel. But due to a wide variety of internal factors, Turkey has been drifting away from Israel and the West and towards Islam and the East and we have arrived at a point where Turkey has all but declared itself an enemy of Israel.

As serious as such a situation would be, I believe the pieces are not yet all in place for the Ezekiel 38-39 scenario, and I also believe that Iran, which is the brains behind the entire operation, will wait to launch a serious attack against Israel until it can score a knockout blow. There are some very good reasons, from their perspective, to wait until next summer, and I list them for you here to pray about and to inform others who pray.

1) The Iranians do not yet have nuclear weapons.  They are smart enough to wait for a knockout blow when they can finish off Israel and chase the Americans out of the Middle East once and for all.  They’ll wait till they have the Bomb to launch their knockout blow.

2) The US military will be all the way out of Iraq by August of 2011,
and well on their way to being out of Afghanistan as well.  Even weakened as they are, the US military is still much to strong an opponent for the Iranians to take on, which they would have to if they tried to destroy Israel as they are threatening to do.

3) Gabi Ashkenazi is currently the Chief of Staff of the IDF and he’s a real tough customer. The Iranians know that he would be a much stronger opponent then anyone who replaces him, and he is being forced into retirement by our brilliant Defense Minister (Ehud Barak) early next year.  The Iranians would be smart to wait for him to be out and perhaps attack Israel during the transition period when his replacement is still new at the job.

4) Israel is still not completely alone in the world. The US President has pleasantly shocked me and many others by not piling on to Israel along with most of the rest of the world in the wake of this flotilla mess.  That could, and probably will change, but the Iranians would be smart to wait until it does.

5) Turkey has still not COMPLETELY made the transition to being an enemy of Israel.  They have cut many diplomatic ties but there are still some business, commercial and military ties and there is still a significant number of Turks,especially in the military, who are not ready to attack Israel in concert with the Iranians.

The same is true of Russia, which is also specifically named in the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy and Etheopia, which I believe represents the black moslems of Africa. These players are not yet ready for the role they are prophesied to play.

Turkey will have elections in August of 2011 and we can expect the Islamist AKP Party currently in power to beat the drums of war with Israel during the run up to that election, which might trigger a conflict all by itself.

6) The Islamists are currently engaged in a propaganda war against Israel and they have learned that violence and terrorism are not useful in such a war.  Their aim is to frame themselves as the victims and the Israelis as the aggressors in order to isolate Israel in the international community and set them up for a knockout blow.  This is why Hamas has mostly held back from firing rockets into Sderote and launching suicide bombers into Israel in the last 18 months.

There are other factors in play, but these are some of the main elements that I can see.  Please use them to inform your prayer life and share this with others who also pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

God bless you all!

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    1. Dear only1chanse.

      Shalom, and thanks for correcting me in love.

      My native language is not English. Sorry for all my spelling mistakes.

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