Gaza “blockade” not worse than what you experience at your airport

Imagine being an airport-security worker faced with a man who refuses to be searched.

Asaf Shariv is the Israeli consul in New York. He warns about accepting Islamic terrorists as "charity workers"

This is the situation for the Israeli border control police. There has to be some kind of screening. If you had been an airport-security worker faced with a man who refuses to be searched.

Would you allowed him to enter the air craft?

The man who refuse to be screened, explains to you, that he means no harm and is simply bringing gifts to his loved ones.

Would you just let him through?

What if he then assaults you or your staff, runs to his terminal and tries to board the plane. Would you let him?
After all, he’s only bringing gifts.

Source: New York Post.

Asaf Shariv wrote this. He is the Israeli consul general in New York.

My comment:

Would you have allowed the Islamic Turkish “charity workers” in the Gaza “aid flotilla” board your air craft without any security check?

I tried yesterday, to encourage my readers to reflect on this issue.  I will keep this focus, in a bid to get you sleepers to wake up.

Arab Palestinian terrorism has lead to all air travelers being screened and many stripped.

It is funny, that you are looked up on as a potential terrorist at your local airport, while both Islamist’s  and “peace now activists” that want to enter Gaza unchecked is honored by all Governments as hero’s?

Why do you have to open your bag at the airport, but Israel is denied their right to look into the bags of Jihadist’s?

Reflect on this, and let me know what you think.

To all my readers: This is a link: to the root of Air port screening.

And another article to read about this topic:

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