Reid to Obama: Lets place Turkish Gaza “charity” group on terror lists

The US Senate wants Obama to investigate terrorist link of Turkish claimed to be charity organization.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid togehter with President Obama.

On Friday, both Senate leaders in the US circulated a letter urging President Obama to consider placing the Turkish “charity” involved in the so-called “Gaza aid flotilla” on the list or terrorist organization.

This is a by partisan approach to Obama, made both by the Democrat majority leader Harry Reid, and Republican minority leader Mitch McConnell.

The charity, known as IHH, helped fund the ship Israel boarded on May 31, resulting in the deaths of nine Turks, including one Turkish American, and the injury of seven Israeli soldiers.

The ship was one of six attempting to breach Israel’s embargo of the Gaza Strip, which is under the control of the Hamas terrorist group.

Source: Multiple sources.

My comment:

Islamic "charity workers" hits Israeli navy seals with Iron rods.

Charity workers normally do not attack Naval seals and army commandos with knifes, batons and iron rods.
Terrorists do.

The so-called ” aid flotilla” seems to be a well planed operation. Islamic forces in Turkey wanted to re-connect to Hamas, and used naive  “peace now” activists as a media shelter.

Their provocation and intimidation of the state of Israel has been discovered and exposed.  If the US ban Turkish IHH as a Islamic terrorist organization, than Turkey it self has joined the axes of evil. This new alliance against the free and democratic World, includes states like Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and Syria.

2 thoughts on “Reid to Obama: Lets place Turkish Gaza “charity” group on terror lists

  1. I’m surprised Democrats still say the word “terrorist.” Didn’t Obama’s counter-mmmmmphh specialist, John Brennan, make that word verboten?

    1. Dear Marsha.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      President Obama is heading for a confrontation with his own Senate. There is a growing concern among American politicians, that Obama him self has become a security threat to the USA.

      In ancient Rome, there was constant tensions between the Emperor and the Senate. The US is still a democracy.

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