Red Cross to help Hamas with “The Jewish Problem”

Hamas war criminals are holding IDF-soldier Gilad Shalit away from Red Cross inspections. Still the organization wants to help Hamas to re-arm, by demanding removal of Israeli border control.

- Lets call up the Red Cross. Hamas Jihadists took control of Gaza in 2007 by using Nazi-methods and brutal violence against their Muslim brethren.

The BBC had this report yesterday:

Israel’s blockade of Gaza is a clear violation of international humanitarian law, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has said.
In a statement, the ICRC describes the situation in Gaza as dire, saying the only sustainable solution is a lifting of the blockade.

It says Israel is punishing the whole civilian population of Gaza. It also urges Hamas movement to allow ICRC delegates to visit a detained Israel soldier Gilad Shalit.

My comment:

Gilas Shalit exposes that Hamas in not interested to follow any International laws inregards to POW's.

The Red Cross should be more than careful siding with Radical Islam in their armed conflict with Israel.

Despite Hamas using Nazi-methods in regards to their kidnapping of IDF-soldiers, Red Cross do not set up a release as an ultimatum for working within Gaza.

Is it not Hamas that are punishing the people of Gaza with their brutal oppression of anyone who do not agree with them?

The same Red Cross that now accepts Nazi-methods used by Hamas against the Jews, also silently accepted Nazi-Germany ‘s methods against the Jewish people.

Despite being aware of the massacres of Jews in Poland and Germany, Red Cross never raised this issue as an ultimatum for working in Nazi-controlled territory.

The Red Cross knew about the Nazi atrocities as early as August 1942. In February 1945, the President of the Red Cross wrote to a U.S. official:

“Concerning the Jewish problem in Germany we are in close and continual contact with the German authorities.”

The fact that the head of the Red Cross would use the Nazi phraseology — “the Jewish problem” — may also be an indication of the organization’s attitude that Jews were more of a problem than a people who were being annihilated.

The same attitudes are ruling in Red Cross. It the Jewish state of Israel that is  – the problem -,  not the Islamic totalitarian rule in Gaza.

How could Red Cross have been aware of the genocide of Jews, committed by the Nazis?

Her are some headlines that could only be overlooked by blind people:

“25,000 Jews Seized In Southern France,” (New York Times, August 28, 1942);

“Jewish Children Interned by Vichy” (Chicago Sun, August 31, 1942);

“35,000 Jews Executed in Five Polish Towns,” (New York Herald Tribune, March 21, 1943);

“50,000 Jews Put In Nazi Prison ‘Die Like Flies,'” (Washington Times Herald, September 3, 1943);

“50,000 Jews Dying In Nazi Fortress,” (New York Times, September 3, 1943);

“Nazi Slayings Near 250,000,” (Baltimore Sun, September 22, 1943);

“Poles Report Nazis Slay 10,000 Daily,” (Washington Post, March 22, 1944);

“1,000,000 Hungarian Jews Face Massacre, Hull Says,” (Chicago Sun, July 15, 1944).

Source: The Jewish Virtual Library.

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